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13 avril 2015 1 13 /04 /avril /2015 15:50
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- Antisemitic books at Casablanca book fair (Elder of Ziyon) - dans le monde arabe, la foire au livre est aussi (et surtout ?) une joyeuse foire antisémite.
"[...] Here are some of the books on display at the fair:
- “Jews are the Trouble-Makers of History” by Mahir Ahmad Agha, recounts how the Jews have been “in continuous conflict with other peoples throughout history, promising that they will be eliminated by Hamas and Al-Jihad”
- several on Jewish conspiracies and involvement in 9/11
- Stand A81 Dar Hala, Egypt: “The Jews and Osama Bin Laden”
- Stand A84 Dar Al Farouk, Egypt: “The Myth of the Temple of Solomon”, “The Legends of the Jews”
- Stand A74 Librairie Hassan, Lebanon: “The Way of Struggle,” Yusef al Asiat, “The Crusade against the Islamic World,” Yousef al Ab al Twart (anti-Christian)
- Stand A90 Editions lil Jamiaat, Egypt: “Israeli Nazi Intelligence in Egypt and the Arab World”, “The Jews and Their Lies”, Several books on Jewish-Freemasonry conspiracies
- Stand A49 An nahar, Egypt: “The Mossad – The Secret Struggle,” by Ibrahim Jalal, claims Israeli/Jewish involvement in every calamity, “History of Dictators: Hitler, Rasputin, Saddam Hussein, Sharon”
- Stand A73 Charikat al Matbouaat, Lebanon: “America in Danger: Jewish Control of the White House”, “The Zionist Octopus and the United States Administration,” by Dr. Ali Wahhab, “Israel and the Ongoing Struggle,” by Rabi Dagher
- Stand A76 Dar Al Ain, Egypt: “Mossad and Murder”, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”
- Stand B24 Palestinian State: “The Sons of the Snakes”, “The Star of David Burns”, “The Fall of Israel”, “Zionism and Nazism in Peaceful Coexistence,” by Nadia Saad Al-Din
- Stand D10 Turkey: “The Pillar and the Throne of the Lord” Dr. Ahmad Rafiq al Eid
- Several conspiracy texts also in English, Spanish and French, e.g. -“Terrorisme et Attentats Suicides”: Argues that Western nations with advanced chemical assets produce drugs, appearing as vaccines, injected into Muslims transforming them into crazed terrorists...” [...]"

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