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- Sarkozy, Bush et le conflit israélo-palestinien, têtes d'affiche des JT du soir depuis 1995 (AFP) - "Parmi les sujets internationaux, le conflit israélo-arabe, le plus médiatisé devant les guerres en Irak et en Afghanistan, totalise à lui seul 6.047 sujets, soit "près d'un sujet par jour pendant 20 ans", souligne l'Ina". On ne peut plus parfaitement illustrer l'obsession française maladive à l'égard de l'Etat juif.

- Jews in Paris: If you're pro-Israel in France, you're finished!, Roi Yanovsky (Ynet) - "You do not want to explain to someone why Israel has to do what it does and why people die in war. If you start explaining something and they think you are pro-Israel – you are finished! You can not say such things in the Metro or in place with a lot of people. If you are at a café talking about the situation in Israel with the Palestinians, you cannot raise your voice."
"If locating synagogues in the alleyways of Paris used to be a complicated navigational task, lately it has become easy to spot them by the soldiers stationed outside. Outside La Tournelle Synagogue in Paris there were no less than seven armed soldiers, who were questioning passersby and asking them to take pictures only from a distance. At the Place des Vosges Synagogue, seven armed soldiers were providing security to a bar mitzvah celebration taking place there. The young Jews we met outside the synagogue told us that at the beginning of prayer services there were no less than 20 armed soldiers outside. This is also the situation at Jewish schools.
There is a big question mark hanging over the future of France's large Jewish community, numbering about half a million, with the rise of radical Islam in the country and the recently added threat of terror attacks. The young Jews we met paint a complex picture: They are more careful about displaying their Jewish identity, and fear anti-Semitic incidents and terror attacks. Some believe that immigration to Israel or the United States is the solution. Others believe that this would only reward the terrorists. [...]
Solel Sabah, 21, a Jewish student who lives in Paris, told Ynet that other than some safe areas in the center of Paris, which he describes as a "bubble," there are many places where it is not advisable to walk around wearing a kippah. "There are areas in Paris and in its suburbs where you cannot show that you are a Jew. If you enter the Metro with a kippah, you will have a problem. It has always been like that for us. For our parents, maybe not."
Yaakov Ben-Said 25, a Jew who lives in Paris and works in hotel management, claims that the areas where you can still walk around with a kippah are becoming more and more scarce. "I disagree with the term 'bubble' - it is in fact a 'mini-bubble.' 500 meters from where we are standing right now I would not walk around with a kippah. Even at 2 am I wouldn't not wear a kippah, and I will not tell anyone I'm a Jew."
Nathan Sabah, 23, a high-tech entrepreneur, says that hiding one's Judaism does not just mean not wearing Jewish symbols, but also fearing to show solidarity with Israel. "When there is war, as there was last summer, you cannot say you are against the Palestinians or pro-Israel in the streets," he says. "You do not want to explain to someone why Israel has to do what it does and why people die in war. If you start explaining something and they think you are pro-Israel – you are finished! You can not say such things in the Metro or in place with a lot of people. If you are at a café talking about the situation in Israel with the Palestinians, you cannot raise your voice."
Sabah adds that the terrorist attacks in Toulouse and Paris were a turning point. "The situation was always difficult but now we see it every day. Things have changed - Toulouse, Hyper Cacher, Charlie Hebdo - and look what happened yesterday (the Grenoble attack). What will we do in a year if something like what happened at Hyper Cacher happens again? Friends of mine say that when they go to a kosher supermarket to buy something and see someone suspicious, they do not go in. There are Jews afraid to go to any kosher places." [...]
It appears that what angers the young Jews is that their fellow countrymen do not understand the difficult situation the Jews find themselves in. "They are interested in what happened at Charlie Hebdo but not in what happened at Hyper Cacher," explains Sabah. "They are not saying Hyper Cacher was against the Jews and they refer to it as a much smaller event than Charlie Hebdo."
Yaakov agrees, adding that "They do not understand us. They are not familiar with Israel's history nor with the history of the Jewish people. They see the images of war with the Palestinians in Gaza and do not delve deeper into the subject. They need to learn about the conflict. French friends of mine who thought that way traveled to Israel and returned feeling differently after only five days. They wanted to be Jews and returned with a kippah on their heads." [...]"

- Trois conditions à remplir pour un accord sur l'Iran, dit Fabius (Reuters) - "La première : une limitation durable de la capacité nucléaire iranienne de recherche et de production ; la deuxième condition, c'est la vérification rigoureuse des sites, y compris militaires si nécessaire, et la troisième condition, c'est un retour automatique des sanctions en cas de violation des engagements".



- Female Israeli soldier wounded in stabbing at Jerusalem checkpoint (Haaretz) - "Police say security forces arrested woman who approached checkpoint with knife and stabbed the soldier; last week, an Israeli border policeman was critically wounded in a stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem".

- Dismay at continued vandalism at Mount of Olives cemetery (Ynet) - Les Palestiniens vandalisent régulièrement le cimetière du mont des Oliviers de Jérusalem, plus grand et le plus ancien cimetière juif au monde et aussi lieu saint du judaïsme. Mais nos médias n'en parlent jamais... alors qu'ils mentionnent habituellement le moindre tag raciste sur une mosquée de Cisjordanie.
"Yochanan Gol looks at his uncle’s tombstone in dismay. A huge black burnt circle marks his grave, remnants of a torching that has blacked out the date of his birth and passing. “This is the new tombstone that I had just purchased to replace the original that they smashed into bits,” he explained in an interview with Tazpit News Agency.
Gol’s uncle’s grave is among the dozen or so that have been defaced - either shattered or blackened by fire - in attacks on the Afghan Jewish section of the Mount of Olives cemetery by Palestinians from local neighborhoods nearby. Plastic bags full of garbage and baby diapers were also left on the tombstones. “Despite the attacks on the cemetery, my 89-year-old uncle wanted to be buried here,” said Gol. His uncle, Yitzhak, made Aliyah with the rest of the Gol family from Herat, Afghanistan in 1957. "He wanted to be near his grandparents and his sister, who are also buried here." Less than a month after Gol's uncle was buried on the Mount of Olives in April, his tombstone had been demolished. [...]
“I’ve been living here for 19 years on the Mount of Olives and these attacks are ongoing,” said Jerusalem city council member Aryeh King to Tazpit. “This current attack is one of the worst that I’ve seen on this cemetery,” he said. The Afghanistan Jewish section is the most heavily targeted burial ground on the Mount of Olives, according to King. "If anything like this happened to a Jewish cemetery elsewhere in the world, in Poland, Rome, or Paris, that would make headlines - but here it has become something regular, usual."
The Mount of Olives is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, with 150,000 to 200,000 graves that include ancient prophets, state leaders and revered rabbis among other important figures and simple folk. They are buried in different plots according to their origins that include Yemenite, North African, Persian, Babylonian, Georgian, Galicia, Ashkenazi, Hassidic, and others. For 3,000 years, the Mount of Olives has been the preferred site for burial because Jewish tradition dictates that the resurrection process during the Messianic days will take place on the mount. King David's son, Absalom, is buried there as well as the prophets Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi from Biblical times.
Jewish organizations bought the Afghan plot before 1948, according to Gol, who is also a licensed tour guide. But the burial of Afghanistan Jews in the section owned by the Afghan Jewish Committee only started after the Six Day War in 1967. "Since then, there's been a history of destruction here," Gol said. "It's unbelievable that this happens in our own capital and country."
However, under Jordanian rule, the destruction was much worse - massive and systematic desecration of the tombstones took place from 1948-1967. The Jordanians erected a gas station on the ancient graves and also attempted to pave a road through the cemeteries. Some of the tombstones were used as paving stones for Jordanian army camps and a new hotel. By 1967, around 38,000 tombstones had been smashed or damaged. Under Israeli rule, large sections of the cemetery have been rehabilitated and restored.
Moreover, Gol has not only had to deal with his uncle's tombstone being defaced, but also with threats to his own safety when travelling to the Mount of Olives. "Two weeks after the first visit to the tomb, we came again and some Arabs attacked me and my nephew. My vehicle was hit with stones and bottles and my car destroyed completely. We were lucky that we weren't in the car at the time. I called the police and they chased after the perpetrators but couldn't catch them."
Indeed, visitors coming to pay respects to their loved ones often request security escorts provided by Israel's Ministry of Construction during visits to the Mount of Olives. In addition to the tombstone vandalism, stone-throwing at cars and other attacks during funerals have been frequent occurrences over the years. [...]"


Gaza & Hamas

- Gaza : Israël intercepte un navire de militants pro-palestiniens (AFP)
"Les forces israéliennes ont intercepté sans employer la force un navire de militants pro-palestiniens qui tentaient de briser le blocus [maritime] de Gaza, puis l'ont escorté vers un port israélien tôt lundi matin, a annoncé l'armée. "En accord avec le droit international, la marine israélienne a demandé à plusieurs reprises au navire de changer de cap", précise un communiqué de l'armée. "Après leur refus, la marine a intercepté le navire dans les eaux internationales pour l'empêcher de briser le blocus [maritime] de la bande de Gaza", poursuit le texte. [...]
"Cette flottille n'est rien d'autre qu'une démonstration d'hypocrisie et de mensonges qui ne fait qu'aider l'organisation Hamas et qui ignore toutes les horreurs dans notre région", a déclaré lundi le Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahu dans un communiqué destiné à féliciter les forces israéliennes impliquées dans l'interception du navire."
- Flottille pour Gaza : Israël intercepte le navire suédois "Marianne" (i24)
"[...] La veille, Israël a adressé une lettre ouverte aux activistes pro-palestiniens à bord de la flottille, les accusant d'hypocrisie lorsqu'ils désignent l'Etat hébreu comme auteur des violations présumées des droits de l'homme. "Il semble que vous ayez dévié de votre trajectoire initiale," a écrit le bureau du Premier ministre Benyamin Netanyahou. "Peut-être que vous aviez l'intention d'appareiller pour la Syrie, où le régime d'Assad est en train de perpétrer le massacre de son propre peuple, avec le soutien du régime meutrier iranien". "En Israël, nous sommes confrontés au Hamas qui attaque des civils innocents. C'est contre ces tentatives meurtrières que nous défendons les citoyens israéliens en conformité avec le droit international", est-il écrit dans la lettre ouverte. [...]"
- Israel intercepts Gaza-bound flotilla in 'casualty-free' operation (Haaretz)

- Le Hamas ordonne la fermeture à Gaza de l’unique opérateur mobile (AFP) - "il est probable que Jawwal ait payé ses taxes à l’Autorité palestinienne, au pouvoir en Cisjordanie, et non au Hamas".
"Les autorités du Hamas, au pouvoir dans la bande de Gaza, ont annoncé vendredi avoir ordonné la fermeture des bureaux de l’unique compagnie de téléphonie mobile de l’enclave palestinienne, qu’elles accusent de fraude fiscale. Selon des experts, cela pourrait signifier la cessation de toutes les activités mobiles dans l’enclave palestinienne où vivent 1,8 million d’habitants. « Le procureur général Ismail Jabr a donné l’ordre de fermer le quartier général de la compagnie Jawwal, pour évasion fiscale », selon un communiqué de ses bureaux. [...]
Selon l’économiste Omar Shaaban, il est probable que Jawwal ait payé ses taxes à l’Autorité palestinienne, au pouvoir en Cisjordanie, et non au Hamas, qui contrôle Gaza depuis 2007 et qui refuse d’en rendre les clefs en dépit d’un accord conclu en avril 2014. « Il n’y a pas d’alternative à cette compagnie » a-t-il ajouté.
Ce n’est pas la première fois que le conflit qui se joue depuis 2007 entre le Fatah, laïque et modéré du président Mahmoud Abbas, et le Hamas, islamiste, porte sur des questions financières. En 2014, le Hamas avait fermé pendant plusieurs jours les banques de Gaza après une querelle portant sur les salaires des fonctionnaires. [...]"

- Hamas unveils ‘new tunnel’ it says reaches into Israel (Times of Israel) - "Terror group says fortified, 3.5 km tunnel built in preparation for next round of violence".

- Anti-Israel NGO stats show opposite of what they claim (Elder of Ziyon) - "They created some nice interactive graphs showing the situation on various metrics that they care about, like people and goods allowed through crossings. Their own graphs show pretty much the opposite of what they get a million dollars a year to prove. Israel is allowing more and more movement; Egypt is doing less and less".



- Cisjordanie : des Palestiniens ouvrent le feu sur une ambulance (i24)
"Des Palestiniens ont ouvert le feu sur une ambulance israélienne samedi soir près de l'implantation de Beit El en Cisjordanie. Personne n'a été blessé, mais le véhicule a subi des dommages. Les forces de sécurité ont mené des recherches dans le village palestinien voisin, Beitin, et ont bouclé la zone. [...]"

- VIDEO: Settlers say Palestinians set fire to field near ancient Jewish cemetery in Hebron (JP) - "security officials believe that the fire was caused by arson".


"Processus de paix"

- Signature d'un premier accord entre le Saint-Siège et l'Etat de Palestine (AFP) - "Même si le Vatican parle d'"Etat de Palestine" depuis début 2013, à la suite du vote de l'ONU, les Palestiniens se sont réjouis que cette signature équivale à "une reconnaissance de facto" de leur Etat, ce qui mécontente Israël" ; "Pour l'Organisation de libération de la Palestine (OLP), cet accord fait du Vatican le 136e pays à avoir reconnu l'Etat de Palestine".
- Israël « regrette » l’accord du Vatican avec « l’Etat de Palestine » (Times of Israel) - "Cette étape hâtive endommage les perspectives pour faire avancer un accord de paix, et nuit à l’effort international visant à convaincre l’Autorité palestinienne à reprendre les négociations directes avec Israël".
"Le ministère israélien des Affaires étrangères a « regretté » la signature vendredi d’un accord entre le Saint-Siège et « l’Etat de Palestine » et averti que cette mesure nuirait aux efforts de paix. Le ministère a exprimé « ses regrets concernant la décision du Vatican de reconnaître officiellement l’Autorité palestinienne comme un Etat, dans l’accord signé aujourd’hui », a déclaré le porte-parole Emmanuel Nahshon dans un communiqué :
« Le ministère israélien des Affaires étrangères exprime son regret quant à la décision du Vatican de reconnaître officiellement l’Autorité palestinienne comme un état dans l’accord signé aujourd’hui. Cette étape hâtive endommage les perspectives pour faire avancer un accord de paix, et nuit à l’effort international visant à convaincre l’Autorité palestinienne à reprendre les négociations directes avec Israël ».
« Nous regrettons également la rédaction partiale de l’accord qui ignore les droits historiques du peuple juif sur la Terre d’Israël et sur les Lieux saints du judaïsme à Jérusalem. Israël ne peut pas accepter les décisions unilatérales de l’accord qui ne prend pas en compte les intérêts essentiels d’Israël et le statut historique particulier du peuple juif à Jérusalem ». « Israël va étudier l’accord en détails, et ses implications pour la coopération future entre Israël et le Vatican »."

- Israeli-Arab Poet Marwan Makhoul: Palestinians Living within Israel "Fight the Enemy from Within" (Al-Jadid/New TV, Vidéo 3mn42) - "In two recent interviews on Lebanese TV channels, Israeli-Arab poet Marwan Makhoul said the Palestinians living within Israel were in a better position than the Palestinian refugees to bring about change "because they pose a demographic threat to the Jewish identity of that state". Speaking on June 14 on Al-Jadeed TV and on June 23 on Mayadeen TV, Makhoul said: "The solution to the problem of the Arab nation lies in the hands of the two million people living inside [Israel]," who "fight the enemy from within"."

- Saeb Erekat releases strategy to destroy Israel (Elder of Ziyon) - "Ensure that "refugees" and their descendants retain that status for generations, with the aim for the eventual demographic destruction of the State of Israel".
"Saeb Erekat has been busy lately. He issued a document describing a strategy on how to destroy Israel, in the words of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (not yet in English.) His main points are:
- Consider rescinding the PLO's recognition of Israel
- Mobilize international support to force Israel to withdraw to the pre-1967 lines
- Ensure that "refugees" and their descendants retain that status for generations, with the aim for the eventual demographic destruction of the State of Israel
- Continuation of activities designed to give legitimacy to the independence of the State of Palestine through joining international institutions
- Absolute denial of any offer of temporary or partial agreements with Israel
- A legal battle against Israel in the international arena in order to limit its ability to defend itself against Palestinian terrorism
- Strategic aligning with Palestinian terrorist organizations, led by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, through their participation in the PLO institutions and speeding up the process of reconciliation with Hamas
- Full support for Palestinian terrorist organizations and diplomatic activity to prevent the entry of any terrorist organization into any list of terrorist organizations.
- Support of terrorist murderers serving sentences for war crimes and pushing a political struggle for their immediate unconditional release.
- Supporting "lone wolf" attacks against Israelis, such as stabbings, car terror, IEDs and Molotov cocktails
- Help increase the political power of Israeli Arabs.
He also has been making grandiose claims, saying yesterday that as the head of the PLO's Negotiations Affairs Department, he represents 11 million Palestinians. Which would be news to the ones who live in Lebanon or Syria, since the PLO has been treating them as cannon fodder rather than as human beings."



- La population juive mondiale proche des chiffres pré-Shoah (JTA) - "Il y aurait 14,2 millions de Juifs dans le monde, presque autant qu’avant la Shoah, où ils étaient 16,6 millions".


Point de vue

- If Jews were Palestinian, Rafael Castro (Ynet) - "it might be worthwhile to carry the narrative of the Palestinian camp a bit further – to its logical conclusion: That is, to claim that Jews should be so inspired by the Palestinian resistance movement as to emulate its choices".
"Many Jews, most Europeans and virtually all Muslims empathize deeply with the Palestinian people. These denizens of the Holy Land witnessed just over 100 years ago the influx of immigrants who spoke foreign languages and came from distant lands – and who had the chutzpah of claiming that historical Palestine should belong to the Jewish people.
Understandably, these natives were unhappy with this prospect and resorted to boycotts, strikes and (self-)defense to ward off the encroaching Jews. When the Western powers granted these foreign-born immigrants a sizable portion of the land, the Palestinians rebelled to ensure that Palestine would belong to the Palestinians.
The Palestinians lost and were expelled en masse. Hoarded in refugee camps, these refugees did not accept their fate, but for over 65 years have fought to delegitimize and destroy Zionism. Their efforts have been unsuccessful; yet their resilience has earned them the sympathy and support of intellectuals and ordinary people around the world.
It is impractical to try to refute the former narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It dovetails too neatly with the worldview that blames Europeans for the lion-share of African and Asian suffering since the 17th century that now dominates Western culture. Nevertheless, it might be worthwhile to carry the narrative of the Palestinian camp a bit further – to its logical conclusion: That is, to claim that Jews should be so inspired by the Palestinian resistance movement as to emulate its choices.
If Jews acted upon this thought-experiment, we would soon see Israelis plotting suicide bombings in churches and cafés throughout Germany to vindicate the victims of the Holocaust. Furthermore, every American, Chinese or Argentine patron of Bavarian-style bars in Boston, Beijing or Buenos Aires would have good reason to fear bomb-explosions in such symbols of Teutonic self-aggrandizement.
The sales of Volkswagen, Bosch and Siemens would suffer as Jews worldwide would preach to their friends the need to boycott companies which exploited Jewish slave-labor during World War II. If Germans had the shamelessness of visiting Tel Aviv, they would be stabbed and beaten by Israelis whose grandparents were tormented in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. In Purim parties throughout the world, German flags and symbols would be merrily torched.
It would be indeed hard, in terms of pure empathy and retributive justice, to argue that Jews would not have the right to engage in such behavior. It is a miracle of history and a monument to Jewish ethics that the Children of Israel emerged morally unscathed from the ashes of the Holocaust. Israelis today neither blow themselves up in Hamburg or Cologne nor lynch German tourists in Haifa and Jerusalem.
Instead, high-ranking delegations of German companies visit Israel every month to acquire advanced medical and telecommunications technology. Meanwhile Jews from around the world flock to Germany out of interest and love for its language and culture. And there is no Jewish BDS movement against Germany, even though thousands of Holocaust survivors languish during their final years in poverty and solitude.
The world is lavish with empathy for the Palestinians. Such empathy would be put to better use to persuade Israel’s neighbors to make the best out of their painful history – not to sacrifice their children’s future in the pursuit of irredentism's utopias."

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