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2 août 2015 7 02 /08 /août /2015 23:11
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- Vile antisemitic cartoon causes anger in Arab world - but not because of antisemitism (Elder of Ziyon)
"This cartoon, showing a Jew raping a Palestinian Arab woman while murdering her two infants, is making some Arabs very angry. No, the vile and naked Jew-hatred isn't the problem. That's actually taken for granted. The reason this cartoon is making so many angry is because a Hamas-affiliated news outlet published it, and it is charging the Palestinian Authority with not caring as Jews rape and massacre woman and children in the West Bank.
The masked man behind the fence represents Gaza, and he says to the woman representing the West Bank, "Rise, oh (West) Bank, defend your honor and your children." She answers "By Allah, I would do it, but I [need] a permit [to work inside Israel.]" The man on the left is a PA security officer ignoring the crime. The representation of West Bank Arabs as being willing to be humiliated by Jews is the controversy, not the theme that Jews routinely rape and murder Arabs. [...]"

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