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- Israël : attaque au couteau à Rosh Ha'ayin, une Israélienne blessée (i24) - "Une Israélienne de 28 ans a été légèrement blessée dans une attaque au couteau perpétrée dimanche dans la ville de Rosh Ha'ayin (centre), par une Arabe israélienne qui a été rapidement arrêtée par les forces de l'ordre".

- Israël : après six mois de terreur, la violence commence à diminuer (i24) - "La date du 1er avril marque un léger tournant après plus de six mois de violence et d'actes terroristes en Israël, selon l'armée israélienne (Tsahal) qui a constaté une baisse du nombre d'attaques, selon le journal israélien Haaretz. Les chiffres officiels pour le mois dernier n'ont pas encore été révélés, mais selon une source sécuritaire, moins d'attaques auraient été enregistrées pendant le mois de mars comparé aux 155 attaques du mois de février".

- Sheikh Raed Salah, Leader of Islamic Movement in Israel: This Land Will Vomit Israeli Occupation Like the Sea Vomits Its Filth (25 mars, Vidéo 2mn50) - "In a Friday sermon delivered on March 25 in Jatt, Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel and former mayor of Umm Al-Fahm, promised the congregation that “the Israeli occupation” will vanish just like the Roman and Persian empires and British and French colonialism. Sheikh Salah added that the land will “vomit” the Israeli occupation “just like the sea vomits its filth.” The sermon was posted on the Internet by Q Press, an outlet associated with the Israeli Islamic movement".


Gaza & Hamas

- Israël desserre le blocus maritime de Gaza (i24) - "la zone de pêche autorisée en Méditerranée passera de six milles nautiques actuellement (11 km) à neuf milles".
"Israël a décidé d'assouplir le blocus maritime imposé à la bande de Gaza et d'étendre la zone dans laquelle les pêcheurs palestiniens sont autorisés à travailler, ont indiqué vendredi la profession gazaouie et les autorités israéliennes.
A partir de dimanche, la zone de pêche autorisée en Méditerranée passera de six milles nautiques actuellement (11 km) à neuf milles, mais seulement au large des côtes méridionales de la bande de Gaza, ont dit dans des communiqués distincts Nizar Ayyash, président du syndicat gazaoui des pêcheurs, et le COGAT, organe du ministère israélien de la Défense chargé de coordonner les activités israéliennes dans les Territoires palestiniens. La zone de pêche reste limitée à six milles au nord du Wadi Gaza, un oued qui coupe en deux la bande de Gaza, ont-ils dit.
La bande de Gaza, contrôlée par le mouvement terroriste islamiste Hamas, est soumise à un blocus Israël au nord et à l'est, ainsi que par l'Egypte au sud. L'extension de la zone de pêche pourrait injecter 400.000 shekels (106.000 dollars, 93.000 euros) dans l'économie gazaouie chaque année, dit le COGAT."



- Un Palestinien a fabriqué l’histoire de l’incendie par des juifs, selon la police (Times of Israel)
"Il a été montré qu’un Palestinien qui affirmait être victime d’un crime de haine, en déclarant plus tôt ce mois-ci que des résidents juifs d’implantations avaient incendié sa maison de Cisjordanie, avait fabriqué l’histoire, a annoncé jeudi la police. Les procureurs militaires avaient ouvert une enquête sur la plainte de l’homme, qui fait à présent face à des accusations d’obstruction à la justice, fabrication de faux témoignages aux autorités et violation de l’ordre public, selon un communiqué de la police.
Plus tôt ce mois-ci, le résident de la ville d’al-Khader près de Bethléem, avait dit aux autorités israéliennes que des juifs habitant dans des implantations avait écrit « mort aux arabes » sur un mur proche de sa maison familiale avant de mettre le feu à la propriété. Il a affirmé que le groupe de cinq jeunes juifs avait également crié des insanités et jeter des pierres sur lui. Son père avait corroboré son histoire, et dit aux enquêteurs qu’il avait vu des adolescents dans la zone la veille. [...]"

- Palestinians: Presidents for Life, No Elections, Khaled Abu Toameh (Gatestone Institute) - "We hear on a monthly basis that Abbas is keen on having Palestinians cast their ballots in a free and democratic vote. Yet we have seen no evidence to this effect. That make sense".
"Best birthday wishes to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, who turned 81 last week. The octogenarian appears ready to remain at the helm until his last day -- free elections for Palestinians be damned.
Abbas has inherited a tradition of tyranny. His predecessor, Yasser Arafat, was also president for life. Both have plenty of company, joining a long list of African presidents who earned the notorious title of "President for Life" - in Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Chad, Eritrea and Gambia. And let us not forget the Arab dictators in these ranks.
One might hope for at least a deputy -- someone to fill the impending and inevitable power vacuum in the PA. Not likely.
Abbas has fiercely resisted demands from leaders of his ruling Fatah faction to name a deputy president or a successor. His reasoning: the time is not "appropriate" for such a move. Palestinians should instead concentrate their energies on rallying international support for a Palestinian state.
The PA president acquired his "private fiefdom," as it is called by his detractors, in a January 2005 election, when Abbas was given a four-year mandate. Such mandate seems to have been rewritten by the standing president. January 2016 marked the beginning of the eleventh year of Abbas's four-year term in office. But it is business as usual in Ramallah.
We hear on a monthly basis that Abbas is keen on having Palestinians cast their ballots in a free and democratic vote. Yet we have seen no evidence to this effect. That make sense: Hamas could easily best Abbas in such an election. Despite his advancing age, Abbas still has clear memories of January 2006, when Hamas was permitted to run in the parliamentary election and won.
Abbas is also acutely aware that Hamas, which holds hostage nearly two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, would never allow a free vote there -- especially for Abbas loyalists who have been seeking to undermine its rule. Just a few days ago, a Hamas "military" court in the Gaza Strip sentenced two senior Palestinian Authority security officers, Sami Nisman and Naim Abu Ful, to 15 and 12 years in prison respectively, on charges of spying for the Palestinian Authority and plotting terror attacks against Hamas targets. [...]
Abbas cannot tolerate the idea of having a deputy: how would he consider the establishment of a new party or the emergence of a potential candidate for the presidency. Senior figures who have dared to challenge Abbas's autocratic rule have already found themselves targeted by the president and his men. Ask former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who had his organization's bank accounts seized by Abbas, or Mohamed Dahlan, the former Fatah commander and minister who was forced to flee the Palestinian territories after falling out with Abbas and his sons. Perhaps deposed PLO Secretary-General Yasser Abed Rabbo, who overnight was stripped of his powers and thrown to the dogs for speaking out against the president, would have a word to say. In Ramallah, they call them the "Abbas victims."
We would need a crystal ball to know what will happen the day after Abbas disappears from the scene. Perhaps, say some, we shall witness a scene reminiscent of the old days of the Soviet Union "Politburo," with the next president chosen by a group of Fatah and PLO leaders who will meet in Ramallah. This seems the most likely scenario, in the absence of any chance of free and democratic elections, and in light of the continued split between the two Palestinian entities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
We do not need a crystal ball, however, to know that Abbas will leave a legacy of chaos. His adamant refusal to name a deputy or even discuss the issue of succession in public has already created tensions among the top brass of the PLO and Fatah. The Palestinian public, for its part, has precious little confidence in its leaders.
The behind-the-scenes power struggle that has been quietly raging in Ramallah for the past few months is likely to lead to a state of paralysis in the Palestinian arena and leave the Palestinians without an acceptable leader. Or, as senior Fatah official Tawfik Tirawi put it, Abbas will be the last president for the Palestinians. [...]"


"Processus de paix"

- Abbas propose de renouer le dialogue avec Netanyahu (Reuters) - "S'il me fait confiance et croit à une solution à deux Etats et si nous nous asseyons autour d'une table pour en parler, mon peuple retrouvera l'espoir et personne n'ira plus poignarder ou tirer (sur personne)".
"L'Autorité palestinienne fait le nécessaire pour mettre fin à la vague de violences anti-israéliennes qui dure depuis six mois, a assuré vendredi son président Mahmoud Abbas, qui a proposé de rencontrer le Premier ministre Benjamin Netanyahu pour relancer le processus de paix.
"Nos forces vont dans les écoles pour fouiller les sacs des élèves à la recherche de couteaux, ce que vous ignorez", a-t-il expliqué lors d'une allocution sur la deuxième chaîne de télévision israélienne. "Dans une école, nous avons trouvé 70 garçons et filles avec des couteaux. Nous les avons pris et leur avons dit : 'C'est une erreur. Nous ne voulons pas vous voir tuer et vous faire tuer. Nous voulons que vous viviez et que les autres vivent aussi'", a poursuivi Abbas. Le président palestinien communique rarement sur l'action des services de sécurité et la coopération avec les forces israéliennes, que beaucoup de Palestiniens assimilent à de la collaboration avec l'occupant.
Benjamin Netanyahu le tient responsable du gel du processus de paix et l'accuse d'incitations à la violence, mais se dit prêt à le rencontrer pour renouer le dialogue. "Je le rencontrerai n'importe quand et je lui suggère donc de le faire", a poursuivi Mahmoud Abbas, qui s'exprimait en anglais. "S'il me fait confiance et croit à une solution à deux Etats et si nous nous asseyons autour d'une table pour en parler, mon peuple retrouvera l'espoir et personne n'ira plus poignarder ou tirer (sur personne)", a-t-il assuré.
Interrogé sur les raisons de cette ouverture, le président palestinien a répondu qu'il s'agissait d'un secret. "Il pourra vous en parler", a-t-il ajouté, parlant du Premier ministre israélien. [...]"

- Abbas talks peace to Israeli TV. Here's proof that he's lying (Elder of Ziyon) - "If Abbas is against murdering Jews, then why is this not said in Arabic on the media that he controls? Why is the message being given the exact opposite, that martyrdom is wonderful and praiseworthy?"
"Mahmoud Abbas gave an interview to Ilana Dayan of Israel's Channel 2 in which he explicitly says he is against knifings and other attacks on Israelis and claims that they come from desperation and hopelessness:
"- Abbas : If I know that (my grandson) had a knife you think I would shut up about it?! You know, we, our security services, go into schools to look for in schools, students' bags, to check whether they have knives. You do not know it. In one school we found 70 boys and girls carrying knives. We took the knives from them, talked to them and told them it was a mistake. "We do not want you to kill and die". "We want that you will live and others live".
- Ilana Dayan Could be that they just do not listen to you?
- Abbas : When a child goes and takes a knife, he does not consult with anyone. Even with his parents, nor his brother. He doesn't say: "I'm taking a knife and going out". No sensible person would allow his son to come to him and tell him: "I want to take a knife and kill", and he will answer him: "you are wise." It is not possible. It is not possible. He will take away the knife and lock him inside. Parents do not want it.
- Ilana Dayan but afterwards they become a shahid, or martyr, they are praising them ...
- Abbas : Sorry, when he died ...
- Ilana Dayan: They get consolation from you, and they get compensation, and become saints ...
- Abbas : When he died, he is a martyr. When he dies, he becomes a martyr. Shahid ...
- Ilana Dayan: But then it becomes a next example for...
- Abbas : No, no.
- Ilana Dayan: ..he becomes a role model. And then another one wants to be like him.
- Abbas : Once he dies, it is another matter. Another matter. I do not want him to be a martyr. I want him to live. But after he dies, it was over. I do not know where he is going. So don't settle accounts with us over this.
- Ilana Dayan: So why this keeps happening?
- Abbas : Ask yourself why this boy, 15, takes a knife and knew he was going to die, and still going. Ask yourself why. This is because there is no hope for him."
Despite Abbas' insisten
ce that kids who die while trying to murder Israelis are "martyrs," this is theatre [...]. All of Abbas' major speeches and statements and meetings are published on the official PA news agency site, Wafa. But Wafa didn't mention this interview. Instead it mentioned a phone call between Abbas and the Egyptian Foreign Minister.
The official PA daily newspaper, Al Hayat al Jadida, didn't report on this interview. But at the same time that Israeli media reported on it, Al Hayat reported that Abbas issued a decree to restructure the Central Election Commission. And it has a video of a school event honoring the mothers of "martyrs." Abbas' meetings and statements are also published on his Facebook page. But the only entry from about the same time as this interview being published was about Abbas giving awards to some teachers and journalists.
If Abbas and the PA are against knife attacks, then where are the news stories about that? If there was a school where 70 children brought knives in their backpacks, why was this not reported in Palestinian news media? Why are there no op-eds that say that the knife attacks are immoral?
On the contrary, only this week the official Fatah Twitter account published this image of a knife, saying "Israel is forcing the young Palestinians to follow this path to Jerusalem. Leave our land, you, your occupation, and your soldiers, and let us live in peace." And Fatah's social media has been explicit in supporting knife attacks in the past as well, such as this one from Facebook showing a Jew being stabbed captioned "Here is Jerusalem, you crazies, beware!"
If Abbas is against murdering Jews, then why is this not said in Arabic on the media that he controls? Why is the message being given the exact opposite, that martyrdom is wonderful and praiseworthy? It's too bad that Ilana Dayan didn't ask these questions. [...]"

- Palestinian School Names Basketball Game after Terrorist—With EU Funding (CAMERA) - "The Al-Awael School for Girls is overseen by the PA Ministry of Education. The Al-Razi Cultural and Social Association, a Palestinian non-governmental organization (NGO), co-organized the “Dalal Mughrabi Cup.” PMW notes that “this NGO is a member of the Networks program under the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).” ALF is “‘an inter-governmental institution’ established under EUROMED, an organization consisting of the 28 EU [European Union] member states and 15 Southern Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern countries.” Mughrabi has been glorified in Palestinian Arab society for the Coastal Road massacre".



- Syrie : Des raids du régime font 33 morts dont 12 enfants (AFP) - "Selon le directeur de l’OSDH Rami Abdel Rahmane, ces frappes à Deir al-Assafir constituent « la plus grave violation du cessez-le-feu dans la Ghouta orientale », région située à l’est de la capitale Damas".



- Le Haut-Karabakh, un conflit gelé qui se réchauffe dangereusement, Veronika Dorman (Libération) - "Il s’agit des affrontements les plus violents depuis le cessez-le-feu signé en 1994" ; "Officiellement, 18 soldats arméniens ont été tués et 35 blessés, et 12 soldats du côté azerbaïdjanais. Il y a eu aussi des morts parmi les civils, dont des enfants, de part et d’autre" ; "Le Haut-Karabakh, une région montagneuse grande comme un département français, a proclamé son indépendance en 1991, en s’arrachant à l’Azerbaïdjan au prix d’une guerre sanglante entre Arméniens et Azéris, qui a fait près de 30 000 morts et chassé de chez eux des centaines de milliers de réfugiés. La signature d’un cessez-le-feu en 1994, encore en vigueur aujourd’hui, n’a pas résolu le conflit entre Bakou et Erevan qui ne parviennent pas à se mettre d’accord sur le statut de la région". 30.000 morts en 3 ans, et des centaines de milliers de réfugiés. Un bilan bien plus impressionnant que le conflit israélo-palestinien. Et pourtant, les médias n'en parlent jamais... sauf lorsque ça risque d'exploser de nouveau.

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