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6 juin 2016 1 06 /06 /juin /2016 15:28


- France says Israeli settlements main ‘threat’ to two-state solution, ahead of peace summit (JP) - "The document did not include a word regarding any Palestinian culpability for the current diplomatic logjam".
"Forget unrelenting terrorism, the Hamas-Fatah split, and the consistent Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as the national home of the Jews. According to a French pre-summit paper published on Thursday, settlement activity is the main threat to a two-state solution. The brief document put out by the French Foreign Ministry to explain the French initiative and the one-day Mideast summit to be held in Paris on Friday said the two-state solution was under increased threat, “particularly with regard to continued settlement activities.”
Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold said in response that what has disrupted the peace process more than any other factor since the 1993 Oslo Accords has been the “breakdown of security due to the Palestinian adoption of violence against Israel.” Citing the suicide bombings, the rockets from Gaza, and the current wave of knife attacks, Gold said that “to ignore this recent history and focus on Israeli settlements is to completely distort what is going on in the Middle East.”
The document did not include a word regarding any Palestinian culpability for the current diplomatic logjam. It also seemed to seek to revitalize the notion, which lost much of its currency following the Arab Spring, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was at the core of instability in the Middle East. “The crises engulfing the region have in no way reduced the significance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the paper read. “It is up to us to take action to recreate a political outlook which encourages renewed bilateral negotiations between the two currently deadlocked parties.” [...]"

- Paris summit ends with bland communique (JP) - "Israel had worked intensively behind the scenes to water down the language of the final statement".
- Analysis: Israel can sigh relief at parve Paris communique (JP) - "The communique that emerged Friday would not have been as neutral and bland as it was without US efforts to water down the language, and Israel was in close coordination with Washington over the last few weeks on this matter. The Obama Administration has not hidden its displeasure over the years with Israel's policies regarding the diplomatic process. But it also understands -- though this is less frequently stated or reported -- that Israel is not solely responsible for the stalemate, and that the Palestinians also bear much of the responsibility".

- Hollande Is Dancing Badly in the Footsteps of His Countryman Picot, Moshe Arens (Haaretz) - "It’s clear that no Palestinian has stepped forward in recent years who can make and implement agreements. Still, we get the French president’s theatrics".

- Israel Foes Will Always Have Paris, Jonathan S. Tobin (Commentary) - "they correctly believe that a conference where a gaggle of governments that are hostile to Israel’s government are present will further isolate the Jewish state and place minimal pressure on them to do what they have never done which is to actually accept terms of peace that would end the conflict for all time".
"[...] The Palestinians like the idea of an international conference for two reasons. One is that it allows them to avoid direct negotiations where they would likely have to either accept or reject peace plans. The other is that they correctly believe that a conference where a gaggle of governments that are hostile to Israel’s government are present will further isolate the Jewish state and place minimal pressure on them to do what they have never done which is to actually accept terms of peace that would end the conflict for all time. By contrast, the Israelis keep saying that they will negotiate but only if it involves direct talks and not in a conference where the Europeans will gang up against them. [...]
Though the Paris conclave is being presented as a first step toward another round of negotiations, the next step from a process that is designed for failure from the outset is not more talks. Rather, it is the prelude to an effort to impose a Palestinian state on the Israelis without first making either Abbas or Hamas make peace. The French understand that Abbas doesn’t want to negotiate with Israel because doing so would mean that, sooner or later, they’ll have to blow up the new talks or accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state no matter where its borders are drawn. What they want instead is a process that will allow them to continue to avoid doing either and that would, at least in theory, grant them international recognition for statehood. And since there is no chance of a positive result from anything that might follow from the Paris summit, the Palestinians are confident that the next step will not be another round of negotiations, either direct or indirect, but a transfer of the diplomatic battle to New York.
What this series of events sets up is a battle at the United Nations this fall that might culminate in another attempt by the Palestinians to get the Security Council to recognize Palestinian statehood in all of the West Bank, Gaza, and in the parts of Jerusalem that were illegally occupied by Jordan from 1949 to 1967. In the past, that has always been a non-starter because of American opposition and even recognition on the part of European governments that were not supportive of Israel that such a move must from a peace deal rather than preceding it.
But times have changed. The Europeans are more hostile to Israel than ever. Their justification for this attitude is their belief that Israel has taken a hard turn to the right and can cite the recent coalition changes in the Jewish state as proof that they are right. They conveniently ignore the fact that the Palestinians have repeatedly refused peace offers that would have given them a state. Moreover, if they were really interested in working with the Israelis they’d follow up on Netanyahu’s renewed embrace of a two-state solution and stated willingness to negotiate about the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative. [...]"

- Stop à l’enfermement des Palestiniens : Photos du rassemblement parisien contre le blocus (Europalestine) - "La Place de la République, à Paris, a vu et entendu parler du blocus de Gaza samedi et a pu juger de la barbarie dont Israël et ses collaborateurs se rendent coupables"... Avec notamment comme beau slogan : "Gaza = Camp de concentration".

- Le droit au boycott d’Israel sur les berges du Rhone (Photos) (Europalestine) - "Bravo aux militants du Collectif 69 qui ont organisé un rassemblement réussi, ce samedi à Lyon, pour affirmer leur droit de boycotter Israel". Avec notamment comme beaux slogans, cette fois : "Palestine : depuis 1947, histoire d'une dépossession" (où l'on voit bien que c'est bien l'existence même d'un Etat juif depuis sa naissance, et non la prétendue "occupation depuis 1967", qui leur pose problème) ; "Séparation du CRIF et de l'Etat" (laissant entendre que le lobby juif contrôle le gouvernement) ; "Israël Apartheid" (désormais un classique déligitimant l'Etat juif lui-même).

- Un proche de Dieudonné gagne un concours iranien de caricature sur l’Holocauste, Julien Lemaignen (Le Monde) - "Le tiroir-caisse est coiffé de la porte d’entrée du camp d’Auschwitz, son compteur est arrêté sur 6 millions – l’estimation du nombre de juifs tués lors de l’Holocauste –, et son tiroir plein de billets porte la mention « Shoah Business ». Le clavier, lui, évoque la loi Gayssot de 1990 sur la répression des actes racistes, antisémites ou xénophobes. C’est avec cette production que le dessinateur Zéon a remporté la deuxième édition du Concours international de caricature et de dessin de l’Holocauste".



- Israel prepares to fête 49th Jerusalem Day [Yom Yerushalaim] (Ynet) - "The reunification of the capital during the Six-Day War is to be celebrated across the country on Sunday; multiple parades and events are scheduled".
- PM: We'll never return to a torn, divided Jerusalem (Ynet) - "At ceremony marking 49th year since the city's unification Netanyahu states that placing Israeli flag above Western Wall was 2nd most important moment after declaration of independence".
"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Jerusalem will never be redivided in a ceremony marking 49 years since the unification of Jerusalem on Sunday. "49 years ago, Jerusalem was released from its shackles. We will not return to a reality whereby the city is torn, divided, and wounded," Netanyahu said. [...]
The ceremony began with torches being lit by various representatives of the IDF regional commands to remember those who fell trying to liberate the city from the Jordanians. Netanyahu also shared his memories of Jerusalem and said that the current, magical reality was at one time very different. "It was a reality of huge concrete walls with snipers on top, no mans lands and minefields," Netanyahu said.
He continued saying, "The veterans here remember what the soldiers wrote on the military vehicles – 'there will not be a second Auschwitz, and there will not be a second Masada.' I remember the feeling of threatening danger and adrenaline and the spirit of our fighters, which thanks to them, our situation changed from one side to the other. This was proven once again – that the only way to guarantee our existence is our presence and ability to defend ourselves and to protect the security of the state of Israel."
Netanyahu, who is flying on to Moscow on Monday, said that "placing the Israeli flag on the Western Wall was the second most important moment after the declaration of the State of Israel. This spiritual ascendance encompassed the entire nation, both in Israel and in the Diaspora. It was at that moment that a national consciousness was launched amongst Jews in the former Soviet Union."
"Tomorrow, I'm flying to Moscow to mark 25 years of relations between Russia and Israel. But on the eve of the Six Day War, the armies which surrounded us were all armed and funded by the USSR. Russia is a global power, and our relations are getting stronger. The strengthening of this relationship strengthens our national security and prevents unnecessary friction on our northern border."
The prime minister also referred to the peace process and said that nobody would force upon Israel international dictates. "Peace is achieved through direct and free negotiations between the parties. We've seen it with peace with Egypt and Jordan. It was not achieved by international dictates. In the period after the Six Day War, when the military campaign was over, the political campaign began," said Netanyahu. "The same players in the international arena who did not lift a finger to help us when the threat of destruction hovered over us were those who tried to impose a political settlement on us. It did not work then and will not work today. Any international dictate hardens the Palestinians’ positions. Anyone who denies our connection to Jerusalem, transforms the Temple Mount into a center of religious incitement, who does not renounce terrorism - still has a long way to peace." [...]"
- Six Day Miracle (Ynet) - "From gaining strategic depth in the north and south to taking back the holiest sites in Judaism from Jordanian control, the generals who led the battles describe how this war was won against all odds".


Gaza & Hamas

- Hamas arrests five Presidential Guards for "collaboration" - with the PA (Elder of Ziyon) - "The story goes on to accuse Hamas of building secret, underground prisons specifically for political opponents, where they routinely engage in torture. Some are in the basements of mosques which are soundproofed so that the residents nearby don't hear the screams. Fatah media is even less trustworthy than Hamas media, but the arrests and charges of torture are probably true".


"Processus de paix"

- Incitement rife in Palestinian textbooks (Ynet) - "Not recognizing Israel as a state and constant war, among others, are common themes being taught to Palestinian children in PA controlled schools".



- Syrie : 17 civils tués par des frappes aériennes (AFP) - "Dix-sept civils, dont huit enfants, ont été tués ce lundi par des frappes aériennes sur un marché dans une localité de l'est de la Syrie" ; "ces frappes sur la ville d'Al-Shaara, dans la province de Deir Ezzor, ont été effectuées par l'aviation russe ou celle du régime syrien".


Monde arabe

- Arab sites celebrate Mohammed Ali's antisemitic statement (Elder of Ziyon)
"Arab and Muslim sites are commemorating the death of perhaps the most prominent Muslim convert, boxing great Mohammed Ali. And the thing they like about him most seems to be his antisemitism and anti-Zionism.
Both Islam21C and Middle East Monitor lovingly quote Ali from a 1980 interview: "You know the entire power structure is Zionist. They control America; they control the world. They are really against the Islam religion." That's pretty much pure antisemitism there, under the guise of "anti-Zionism."
The sites also quote when Ali visited a Lebanese UNRWA camp in 1974, where he said he wanted the state of Israel to be destroyed: “In my name and the name of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders,” he said during his visit. [...]"

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