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9 octobre 2016 7 09 /10 /octobre /2016 11:39

Attentat Jérusalem

- Jérusalem : 8 blessés dont 2 graves dans une attaque à main armée (Times of Israel) - "L’attaque a commencé quand l’assaillant est passé en voiture devant le siège de la police rue Haim Bar-Lev, une des artères principales de la ville où passe aussi le tramway, et a ouvert le feu sur un groupe de personnes, touchant une femme" ; "Il a continué par la rue Charles Simon Clermont-Ganneau et blessé une femme qui était dans sa voiture, la blessant grièvement. Il s’est ensuite dirigé vers le quartier arabe de Sheikh Jarrah. Des policiers en moto de l’unité de patrouille spéciale de la ville ont vu la fusillade et l’ont pourchassé, a annoncé la police. L’assaillant a ensuite ouvert le feu sur les policiers, qui ont tiré et l’ont « neutralisé », a annoncé la police. Pendant cet échange de tirs, un policier a été grièvement blessé, et un second légèrement blessé" ; "L’organisation terroriste Hamas a salué l’attaque, la caractérisant d’ « héroïque », « courageuse » et de « réponse naturelle à l’occupation »".


Gaza & Hamas

- Une roquette tombe sur Israël, riposte de l'armée israélienne sur Gaza (AFP) - "Une roquette est tombée dans la matinée [de mercredi] sur Sderot, régulièrement atteinte par des projectiles tirés de la bande de Gaza, territoire palestinien situé à quelques centaines de mètres".
- L’armée frappe Gaza en représailles à un 2e tir de roquette en 2 jours (Times of Israel) - "une roquette tirée depuis la bande de Gaza était tombée dans une zone ouverte du conseil régional d’Eshkol".

- Gaza’s radicals want Israel to topple Hamas, Ron Ben-Yishai (Ynet) - "The Salafi organization that fired a rocket at Sderot on Wednesday is trying to get Israel to bring down Hamas’s rule so that it can take its place. In response, the IDF is targeting Hamas’s offensive infrastructure to increase its motivation to act against the rebel organization".



- Des Palestiniens arrêtés pour attaque à la bombe tuyau au Tombeau de Rachel (Times of Israel) - "Sept suspects, âgés de 16 à 18 ans, ont admis avoir préparé et utilisé des explosifs et d’avoir jeté des pierres sur le lieu saint à Bethléem".


"Processus de paix"

- Un responsable du Hamas : Abbas est comme un juif (Times of Israel) - "« Cet homme qui affirme représenter l’opinion publique palestinienne est par ses normes religieuses un juif. Pour la millionième fois : il ne nous représente pas, il est une création d’Israël, et j’espère qu’il va rejoindre Peres en enfer », a déclaré à la télévision iranienne Mahmoud al-Zahar, responsable du Hamas dans la bande de Gaza".

- Palestinians: Abbas "The Jew", Khaled Abu Toameh (Gatestone Institute) - "The unprecedented outcry over Abbas's participation in the funeral of an Israeli leader is further proof of the degree to which Palestinians have been radicalized".
"Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas is facing a barrage of criticism for attending the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem. The fury directed towards Abbas comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with the unrelenting campaign of anti-Israel incitement that has been taking place for many years in Palestinian society.
If attending the funeral of an Israeli leader, especially one who devoted the past two decades of his life to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, draws such condemnation, it is easy to imagine the result of a Palestinian leader making a peace overture to Israel.
President Abbas is now receiving a dose of his own medicine. This is what happens when you unleash a tidal wave of hate against Israel and its leaders in the media, mosques and public rhetoric. This is what happens when you inform your people that Israeli leaders are "war criminals" who ought to be prosecuted before the International Criminal Court. This is what happens when you drive into your people that Jews are desecrating with their "filthy feet" Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem. This is what happens when you accuse Israel of "ethnic cleansing", "extra-judicial executions" and "poisoning" Yasser Arafat.
In light of this brainwashing, how do you expect your people to respond when you, in any way, associate with an Israeli leader?
It is hard to believe that Abbas and his cronies were surprised by the current wave of reprobation. But the degree of vitriol was perhaps not predicted.
Abbas is now getting it from all quarters. The denunciations are coming not only from his political foes in Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), but also from groups and figures belonging to his ruling Fatah faction.
Palestinians say that the 81-year-old Abbas, who is now in his 11th year of his four-year term in office, is facing his most serious challenge to leadership. And there are no signs that the recriminations are subsiding. On the contrary, each day brings with it yet another flood of reproof, prompting Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah to issue a stiff warning to those who are exploiting the situation to "incite" against Abbas. However, the threats have failed to deter his critics from proceeding with their attacks on him and calling on him to step down.
One of those who have already paid a price for criticizing Abbas's attendance of the Peres funeral is Lieutenant Colonel Osama Mansour, who holds a senior position in the PA's Military Liaison Apparatus. In a post on Facebook, the PA officer strongly condemned Abbas's move: "If you alone decided to participate in the funeral of the killer of our sons, then you erred. And if you took the decision on the basis of what you were told by your advisors, then they have misled you."
Hours after the post appeared on Facebook, Mansour was suspended from his job. Later, he was arrested by PA Military Intelligence Service officers who raided his house and conducted a search, during which they destroyed furniture, according to his family. A PA court has since ordered Mansour remanded into custody for fifteen days.
The suspension and subsequent arrest of the officer sparked a new wave of rage against Abbas and his security forces. Palestinians took to social media to protest the crackdown on the officer, hailing him as a hero and denouncing Abbas as a "dog" and Israeli "collaborator." Some suggested that the officer was worthy of being appointed as a minister in the PA Cabinet for his courageous remarks.
But the move against the senior officer did not deter many Abbas loyalists from coming out against him for going to the funeral of Peres.
Fatah's "Youth Movement," known in Arabic as Al-Shabiba, issued a statement calling on Abbas to "apologize" to the Palestinians for committing a "grave mistake." Abbas's participation in the funeral was "humiliating and degrading" for the Palestinians and a form of "treason," according to the statement. The group pointed out that Abbas's move was in violation of Fatah's regulations, which envisage the "full liberation of Palestine and eliminating Israeli occupation economically, politically, militarily and culturally." Addressing Abbas, the group stated: "Mr. President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas. You have committed a crime against our people by equating the executioner with the victim. We will not allow treason to become a viewpoint."
Several senior Fatah officials sought to distance themselves from Abbas's decision to attend the funeral of Peres by claiming that they had not been consulted beforehand.
One of them, Tawfik Tirawi, who previously served as commander of the Palestinian Authority's General Intelligence Service in the West Bank, announced that he was personally opposed to Abbas's gesture. He clarified that Abbas did not seek the opinion of the Fatah leadership before he went to the funeral: "Had I been personally consulted as a member of the Fatah Central Committee, I would have made it clear that I am against participation in principle, because this is a funeral of a Zionist who wallowed, from head to toe, in the blood of our people and other Arabs." Tirawi went on to describe Peres as the "engineer of the Israeli nuclear project which is designed to foil any plan to retrieve our land." [...]
The unprecedented outcry over Abbas's participation in the funeral of an Israeli leader is further proof of the degree to which Palestinians have been radicalized. Frustration with Abbas and his policies is not new. More and more Palestinians have in recent years expressed rage over his "lenient" policies towards Israel. A particular bone in their throat is the continued security coordination between PA security forces and Israel. They perceive this cooperation with the Israelis as "treasonous". Many Palestinians are also angry with Abbas for his refusal to share power and pave the way for the emergence of new leaders.
The blame for the radicalization of the Palestinian people lies squarely at the feet of Abbas and the rest of the PA. If you promote boycotts of Israel, expect to be attacked when you break that boycott by associating with any Israeli, alive or dead. Protests tend to subside, but even if the current condemnation eventually does die down, it will have sent a message to future Palestinian leaders. The message is: "No peace with Israel, not in our time, and not in any time"."



- Boycott d’Israël : Le Liban interdit un film palestinien (AFP) - "Réalisé par la Palestinienne Maha Haj ‘Personal Affairs’ a été refusé au festival du film de Beyrouth car il a été produit par une société israélienne".


Monde arabe

- Un raid aérien fait plus de 400 victimes au Yémen (Reuters) - "Un raid de l'aviation des pays arabes sous commandement saoudien a fait plus de 450 blessés ou tués parmi les personnes qui assistaient à une veillée funèbre en mémoire du père du ministre de l'Intérieur du gouvernement chiite houthi au Yémen" ; "Selon des témoins, la frappe aérienne est intervenue peu de temps après le début de la veillée. Deux missiles auraient été tirés, l'un a atteint le bâtiment et l'autre est tombé à proximité".



- Rising anti-Semitism in the U.S., on campus and elsewhere, Jerry Coyne (Blog) - "If we normalize the proportion of hate crimes by the size of the religious population, then anti-Jewish hate crimes are, on a per capita basis, 1.7 times more frequent than anti-Muslim hate crimes, and 105 times more frequent than anti-Catholic hate crimes!"



- Salaires des terroristes palestiniens : Londres gèle 27 M € d’aide à l’AP (Times of Israel) - "Le Royaume-Uni affirme vouloir lancer une enquête pour savoir si l’AP a utilisé les fonds des pays donateurs pour financer les rétributions versées aux condamnés pour terrorisme dans les prisons israéliennes".

- In new Roger Waters publicity gimmick, Pink Floyd "reunites" to denounce Israel. No one notices (Elder of Ziyon) - "Roger Waters, realizing that his anti-Israel statements hardly register in the world media any more, guessed that announcing a Pink Floyd "reunion" to bash Israel would get some serious publicity".

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