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17 janvier 2014 5 17 /01 /janvier /2014 17:58

- Dieudonné assagi sur scène mais pas sur internet (AFP)
   "C'est un paradoxe de l'affaire Dieudonné: le polémiste ne peut plus tenir de propos ouvertement antisémites sur scène, mais il continue à le faire dans des vidéos visionnées des millions de fois sur internet, et interdire ces vidéos est difficile. Sur scène, l'humoriste controversé ne peut plus dire "Je n'ai pas à choisir entre juifs et nazis, je suis neutre dans cette affaire", un des passages choc du spectacle "Le Mur" dont les charges antisémites ont créé la polémique. [...]"

- Affaire Dieudonné : entretien avec Alain Finkielkraut (Le Figaro, 10 Janvier) - "L’antisémitisme nazi était raciste : Hitler a refusé aux Jeux olympiques de Berlin en 1936 de serrer la main à un sportif de couleur noire, Jesse Owens. L’antisémitisme contemporain se présente comme antiraciste. Il ne défend pas la cause aryenne. Il défend, depuis Durban, la cause des peuples opprimés par le sionisme".

- Dieudonné : Edwy Plenel se trompe de combat en s'attaquant à Manuel Valls, Bruno Roger-Petit (Nouvel Observateur) - "une fois de plus, l'obsession de s'en prendre à Manuel Valls paraît avoir encore égaré Edwy Plenel. Car il s'agit bien d'une obsession".

Gaza & Hamas

- Israël bombarde Gaza (Reuters) - en riposte à 5 tirs de roquettes, ce que le titre ne dit pas...
   "Les missiles du système de défense israélien "Dôme d'acier" ont intercepté cinq roquettes tirées depuis la bande de Gaza vers la ville d'Ashkelon, aujourd'hui, et l'armée israélienne a riposté en menant des frappes aériennes dans l'enclave palestinienne. Les tirs de roquettes n'ont pas été revendiqués mais Israël tient par principe le Hamas au pouvoir à Gaza pour responsable de toute action visant son territoire.
    Selon des sources palestiniennes, deux camps du Hamas ont été bombardés par l'aviation israélienne et cinq militants ont été blessés. Les roquettes avaient auparavant été détruites en vol aux abords d'Ashkelon, une ville de 125.000 habitants située à 12 km au nord de Gaza, par des missiles guidés par radar du "Dôme d'acier", conçu pour fournir une parade aux roquettes à courte portée (6 à 60 km) régulièrement tirées par les Palestiniens."
- Iron Dome intercepts 5 rockets fired at Ashkelon from Gaza (JP) - "Additional rocket lands in open, uninhabited area; no reports of damage, injury; IAF responds with attack on four targets in Gaza".
- After rockets, Ashdod cancel classes in unprotected schools (Times of Israel) - "Some students in southern port city to get day off Friday as officials fear increased tensions with Gaza".

- 13,000 teens complete Hamas training camps to emulate ‘suicide martyrs’ (Times of Israel) - "Numbers more than double in second year of Gaza’s ‘Pioneers of Liberation’ program; females also trained".


- Shin Bet thwarts terror kidnapping plot (JP) - "Hamas-affiliated group "recruited prisoners for kidnapping plot"; 3 Palestinian prisoners confess to plot; Security source tells the 'Post' that plot was meant to enable group to gain operatives from the West Bank".

- Despite arrests, PA forces growing weaker in West Bank, Avi Issacharoff (Times of Israel) - "Abbas’s police thwarted two Hamas attacks on Israeli targets last week; but they seldom operate in refugee camps, so IDF forced to pick up slack".

- West Bank mosque torched, graffitied in apparent settler attack (Times of Israel) - "Fire causes light damage in town near Ariel settlement, slogans on walls reference Qusra-Esh Kodesh clash".

"Processus de paix"

- Abbas defiant in speech of '3 noes', Daniel Siryoti (Israel Hayom) - "Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas says the Palestinians will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, will not agree to any deal that does not make east Jerusalem the future Palestinian capital and will not give up the right of return".
   "[...] The Palestinian leader added another two stipulations regarding a future peace agreement in his speech: There will be no deal unless east Jerusalem becomes the capital of a future Palestinian state and the right of return for Palestinian refugees is left in their own hands.
    In a speech reminiscent of the 1967 Khartoum Resolution, in which the Arab League stated what is now known as the "three noes" -- no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it -- Abbas further stated that the Jordan Valley was an integral part of a Palestinian state. Abbas made these statements despite the fact that the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations are at a sensitive stage. [...]"

- Netanyahu on Palestinian 'right of return': There is no room for maneuver, Herb Keinon (JP) - “It is a nonstarter, it is not going to happen.”
   "With US Secretary of State John Kerry pushing forward with efforts to present a document that will form the basis of further Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made clear there is “no room to maneuver” on the Palestinian claim of a right of return for Palestinian refugees. “It is a nonstarter, it is not going to happen,” one official said. [...]
    The PLO said Wednesday that the peace process with Israel was not serious and called for international involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Yasser Abed Rabbo, PLO secretary- general, said after a meeting of PLO leaders in Ramallah that the peace talks have reached an impasse because of Israel. The PLO official accused Netanyahu of “deception and fraud” and reiterated the Palestinians’ refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
    Another PLO official, Tayseer Khaled, told reporters that the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state was “dangerous.” He explained that such recognition would harm the issue of the refugees and their “right of return.” Israel, he charged, does not recognize the refugees’ right to return to their former homes. “On the contrary, Israel is exonerating itself of this crime and making it the responsibility of the international community,” Khaled said.
    On Saturday night Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said there would be no peace deal with Israel unless the Palestinian refugees can choose for themselves if they want to “return.” He said the Palestinians will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and that the capital of a future Palestinian sate must be in east Jerusalem.
    According to government officials, Netanyahu has said the Palestinian demand of a “so-called right of return” is “not right, not justified, and not legitimate.” Netanyahu has said in meetings that an expectation that Israel has to deal with Arab refugees that were created by the war in 1948 that the Arabs started against Israel was preposterous, according to government officials. If Palestinians want to return to a Palestinian state, they can go there, Netanyahu said.
    One official, referring to Abbas’s speech on Saturday, said this was a reiteration of a “whole series of maximalist claims that everyone understands will make a negotiated peace impossible.” “You will never get an end to the conflict with endless claims,” he said.
    But the Palestinians have said that peace can only be attained if their claims are met. Abed Rabbo accused Israel of “land theft.” He said that Israel’s goal from the negotiations is to grab more land. Israel’s demand to retain control over the border crossings with Jordan was one of the reasons for the current crisis in the talks, Abed Rabbo said, adding that “the occupation authorities also want to keep settlement blocs that are expanding everyday, in addition to Jerusalem.” [...]"

- Netanyahu: Jew Free Palestinian State Would Be Ethnic Cleansing (Algemeiner) - "Now in the Palestinian state, the way its being contemplated, no Jew can live there, it has to be Jew free, ethnic cleansing".
   "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that a Jew-free” Palestinian state, now being contemplated in peace talks, would be tantamount to ethnic cleansing, in a trailer for an hour-long interview with Canada’s CTV to be broadcast this week. When the interviewer, CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme, said that 1 in 5 Israelis are Arab, Netanyahu responded, “Sure. We’re not asking them to change their religion, they have full civic rights. Now in the Palestinian state, the way its being contemplated, no Jew can live there, it has to be Jew free, ethnic cleansing. Well, what is that? There are Arabs who live here, but they can’t contemplate Jews living there.”
    He said that rather than the issue of settlements, the crux of the disagreement is the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to recognize a Jewish state. “I think the issue of settlements will be resolved, the question of the territories, in general, will be resolved in the negotiations. I don’t think it’s the heart of the conflict, though I know people think of it that way, but it isn’t, it isn’t so,” Netanyahu said.
   “It’s not about settlements, it’s not about territory, and it’s not even about a Palestinian state, which we agreed right from the start to recognize. It’s about a Jewish state. It’s about survival of the state of Israel. It’s absurd that we’re willing to recognize, that I’m willing to recognize the Palestinians, but in exchange, they’re not willing to recognize the Jewish state, the nation state of the Jewish people. There’s something wrong there.”
    With three more months before a U.S.-set deadline for the talks, Netanyahu said he was hopeful that the talks succeed. “I hope they don’t fail, and I hope we can do everything we can to have a successful outcome. We’re ready to do it, i’m ready to do it,” he said."

- Poll finds only half of Palestinians favor negotiations with Israel, Khaled Abu Toameh (JP) - une majorité de Palestiniens (53%) refuse un accord selon les paramètres Clinton et l'Initiative de Genève ; 48% des Palestiniens refusent un échange de territoires (land swap) ; une forte majorité de Palestiniens (68%) refuse un compromis sur le partage de Jérusalem (les quartiers juifs restant en Israël, les quartiers arabes devenant palestiniens).
   "Half of the Palestinians favor negotiations with Israel, while three-quarters reject a permanent settlement if it includes a 10-year transitional phase during which the IDF remains deployed in the Jordan Valley, a public opinion poll published on Tuesday found. The poll, conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, covered some 1,270 Palestinians and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.
    Seventy percent of the respondents are pessimistic about the chances for success of the peace talks with Israel. Fifty percent support the PLO ’s decision to resume peace talks with Israel, while 47% oppose it. The pollsters also found that a majority of 53% supports the two-state solution, while 46% oppose it. Sixty-eight percent said that the chances for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the next five years are slim or nonexistent.
    An overwhelming majority of 76% oppose a permanent solution if it includes a 10-year transitional period during which the IDF remains deployed in the Jordan Valley. Opposition to the agreement is higher in the West Bank (82%) than in the Gaza Strip (65%). According to the findings, 46% support and 53% oppose a package of a permanent-status agreement based on the 2000 Clinton Parameters and the 2003 Geneva Initiative. Support for this package stood at 43% in December 2012. Fifty-two percent of respondents support a land swap with Israel, while 48% oppose it.
    On the issue of Jerusalem, the survey showed that 68% oppose a compromise in which the east Jerusalem would become the capital of a Palestinian state with Arab neighborhoods coming under Palestinian sovereignty and Jewish neighborhoods coming under Israeli sovereignty. [...]"

- Palestinian official says Kerry bowed to Israel’s agenda (Times of Israel) - “You think any Palestinian leader in his right mind can ever accept this?”
   "A senior Palestinian official accused US Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday of succumbing to Israeli demands to advance two central issues in the peace talks — the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and a continued Israeli security presence in the Jordan Valley. “Israel has succeeded in really persuading Mr. Kerry to change the agenda of the discussions,” Fatah Central Committee Member Nabil Shaath said at a press conference in Ramallah, according to AFP. “Today, you will see Mr. Kerry going back and forth, discussing nothing but two issues. The two issues have never been in our agenda: the Jewishness of the state [of Israel] and the Jordan [Valley].”
    These two sticking points, Shaath maintained, will never be agreed upon by the Palestinians and are likely to result in the dissolution of talks. “You think any Palestinian leader in his right mind can ever accept this?” Shaath remarked regarding the Jewish status of Israel. “Or is this simply instated to make it impossible for any Palestinian leader to sign a peace agreement with Israel?” [...]"

- Kerry's Peace Process Double Standards, Khaled Abu Toameh (Gatestone Institute) - "while the U.S. Administration has been quick in issuing a response to the Israeli minister's statements, it continues to ignore remarks and demonstrations against Kerry made by Palestinians and other Arabs".
   "The U.S. Administration has reacted quickly and strongly to statements attributed to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon. Ya'alon was quoted by the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronot as describing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as "messianic and obsessive." In response, the U.S. condemned Ya'alon's comments as "offensive and inappropriate."
    But while the U.S. Administration has been quick in issuing a response to the Israeli minister's statements, it continues to ignore remarks and demonstrations against Kerry made by Palestinians and other Arabs. Palestinian officials representing various organizations, including the Palestinian Authority, have been denouncing Kerry almost on a daily basis over the past few weeks. But these condemnations do not seem to bother the State Department.
    Among the officials who have been extremely critical of Kerry's role in the current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is Yasser Abed Rabbo, the PLO's Secretary-General and one of the closest advisors to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Just last month, Abed Rabbo launched a scathing attack on Kerry, denouncing his latest proposals as unacceptable. "Kerry does not have the right to decide where our borders will be," the top PLO official said. "If the U.S. wants, it can give parts of California or Washington to Israel. Kerry's framework agreement is very dangerous." Abed Rabbo has also accused Kerry of seeking to "appease Israel by fulfilling its expansionist demands in the Jordan Valley under the pretext of security. He wants to buy Israeli silence over the Iran deal (with the six big powers)."
    Palestinian officials have also been leaking details about Kerry's latest proposals for reaching an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Some have gone as far as accusing Kerry of being biased in favor of Israel, working toward "liquidating" the Palestinian cause and trying to extort the Palestinians. Tayseer Khaled, member of the PLO Executive Committee, was recently quoted as accusing Kerry of trying to extort the Palestinians politically. Khaled's allegations have since been repeated by other Palestinians. [...]
    Why, then, Kerry is not just as offended by the Arab condemnations? It is interesting to see how one comment from an Israeli minister has managed to strain relations between the U.S. Administration and Israel, while fiery rhetoric and street demonstrations against Kerry and Obama in the Palestinian territories and Arab capitals are completely ignored by Washington. If Kerry really cares about the peace process, he also needs to ask the Palestinian Authority and Arab governments to lower the tone and stop inciting against him and the U.S. Unless, of course, those statements and protests do not offend him."

- PA TV promotes violence during peace talks (PMW) - "A song promoting violence was performed at a recent Palestinian Authority event under the auspices of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and in the presence of the PA Minister of Culture. The song demands "pull the trigger... redeem Jerusalem, Nablus and the country"."

- PLO says Jews visiting Temple Mount is against international law! (Elder of Ziyon) - "Yes, now Jews practicing their religion is a violation of international law, according to the PLO. Soon the PLO will define being Jewish itself as a gross violation of human rights, and the UN will praise them for it".

- Palestinian Authority fakes a Golda Meir quote (Elder of Ziyon) - "This quote is a complete fabrication. It doesn't even exist on other anti-Israel or antisemitic websites - it was made up by the Palestinian Authority".


- Syrie : plus de 1000 morts en 2 semaines (AFP) - "Parmi les 1.069 morts figurent 608 rebelles, 312 membres de l'Etat islamique en Irak et au Levant (EIIL), groupe lié à al-Qaïda, et 130 civils".


- IHH, une ONG islamique controversée proche du gouvernement turc (AFP) - "Très proche du Hamas palestinien, IHH multiplie les opérations à destination de la population de la bande de Gaza et fait la "une" de l'actualité en 2010 en organisant un convoi maritime pour forcer le blocus [maritime] imposé par Israël".
   "L'ONG turque IHH, visée mardi par un raid policier anti al-Qaïda, est une organisation islamique proche du gouvernement turc qui s'est rendue célèbre en affrétant en 2010 une flottille pour Gaza interceptée par une opération militaire israélienne ayant fait 9 morts. L'IHH ("Insani yardim vakfi" ou "fondation d'aide humanitaire") a été fondée en 1995 par un groupe de militants proches de la mouvance islamiste turque représentée par Necmettin Erbakan, qui a dirigé pendant quelques mois en 1997 le premier gouvernement islamiste turc de l'histoire avant d'être contraint à la démission à la suite d'une intervention de l'armée. L'ONG a fait ses premières armes humanitaires en venant à l'aide des populations musulmanes de Bosnie victimes de la guerre contre la Serbie.
    Depuis, elle est venue en aide à "toutes les personnes en détresse, victimes de guerre ou de catastrophes naturelles, blessées, handicapées, sans-abri ou victimes de la famine", proclame son site internet, en leur "fournissant de l'aide ou en prenant les mesures nécessaires pour empêcher toute violation de leurs libertés et droits fondamentaux". Très proche du Hamas palestinien, IHH multiplie les opérations à destination de la population de la bande de Gaza et fait la "une" de l'actualité en 2010 en organisant un convoi maritime pour forcer le blocus [maritime] imposé par Israël. [...]
    Outre cette affaire, IHH s'est manifestée dans d'autres causes, comme la défense de l'ex-président islamiste égyptien, Mohamed Morsi, très proche du Premier ministre turc, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, renversé en 2013 par l'armée de son pays. [...] Depuis ce mardi, elle est soupçonnée par la police turque d'abriter en son sein des militants proches d'Al-Qaïda. Une "campagne de diffamation", selon son secrétaire général Yasar Kutluay, directement liée au scandale de corruption qui éclabousse M. Erdogan."

- En Turquie, le match de trop pour M. Erdogan (Le Monde éditorial) - "depuis 2011, le chef du parti islamo-conservateur AKP poursuit une dérive autoritariste chaque jour plus inquiétante. Derrière la moindre difficulté, il décèle un "complot" – de ses ennemis à l'intérieur même de l'AKP, de l'étranger, quand ce n'est pas "des milieux proches d'Israël"."


- Netanyahu slams EU after Israel envoys censured over settlements, Herb Keinon (JP) - “I think it’s time stop the hypocrisy and inject some fairness in the discussion.”
   "Shortly after returning from a meeting in Amman with Jordanian King Abdullah II, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lashed out at the EU on Thursday, accusing it of “hypocrisy” in condemning settlement construction, but not the Palestinians for incitement or continued terrorism. Netanyahu’s anger was sparked by an apparently coordinated EU move to summons Israel’s ambassadors in London, Paris, Rome and Madrid this week to protest the recent announcement of construction of 1,400 housing units in the major settlement blocs and Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the pre-1967 lines.
    Calling the claim that settlements are an obstacle to a peace agreement “bogus,” Netanyahu – speaking at an annual reception in Jerusalem for foreign journalists – blasted the EU move, and asked when was the last time the EU countries called in the PLO ambassadors to “complain about incitement to Israel’s destruction,” or to protest that security officers from the Palestinian Authority were participating in terrorist attacks against innocent Israelis. “I think it’s time stop the hypocrisy and inject some fairness in the discussion,” he said, adding that the EU imbalance does not promote peace, but actually pushes it further away because “it tells the Palestinians that they can engage in incitement and terror and not be held accountable.”
    The prime minister, who took only three questions on topics he was informed about in advance, stressed that the settlement announcements did not breach any commitment that Israel took upon itself when it entered the talks with the Palestinians last July. It was clear to both the Americans and the Palestinians that Israel undertook no restraints on construction, the prime minister said. This was an unspoken, unwritten part of the deal that was very clear to everyone, he said. “Adding a few houses will not change the map an iota,” Netanyahu said. [...]"

- Israël dénonce "la partialité" de l'UE (AFP)
   "Israël a convoqué aujourd'hui plusieurs ambassadeurs européens, accusant l'Union européenne d'adopter une position "partiale" en faveur des Palestiniens qui met en péril les négociations de paix, a annoncé son porte-parole. Les ambassadeurs britannique, français, italien et espagnol ont été convoqués au ministère des Affaires étrangères à Jérusalem, au lendemain de la convocation d'ambassadeurs israéliens dans ces mêmes pays européens [à cause de constructions au-delà de la Ligne verte].
    Le ministre israélien des Affaires étrangères Avigdor Lieberman "a ordonné la convocation des ambassadeurs britannique, français, italien et espagnol et a souligné que leur position sans cesse partiale contre Israël et en faveur des Palestiniens est inacceptable et donne l'impression qu'ils ne font que chercher des moyens de blâmer Israël", a indiqué son porte-parole dans un communiqué.
    Il a demandé à ce que les ambassadeurs soient informés qu'"Israël déploie d'importants efforts pour permettre un dialogue continu avec les Palestiniens", selon lui. "Au-delà du fait qu'elles soient partiales, déséquilibrées et déconnectées de la réalité sur le terrain, les positions tenues par ces Etats mettent considérablement en péril les possibilités de parvenir à un quelconque accord entre les deux camps" israélien et palestinien, a-t-il ajouté. [...]
    Le premier ministre israélien, Benjamin Netanyahu, a dénoncé hier l'"hypocrisie" de l'Union européenne après l'annonce de la convocation des ambassadeurs israéliens en poste à Londres, Rome et Paris jeudi et de l'ambassadeur d'Israël à Madrid vendredi. "L'Union européenne convoque des ambassadeurs à cause de la construction de quelques maisons ? Quand l'UE a-t-elle convoqué des ambassadeurs palestiniens à propos des appels à la destruction d'Israël ?" a-t-il dénoncé."


- Kaboul accuse les Américains d'avoir tué 8 civils dans un bombardement (AFP) - "La présidence afghane a accusé mercredi les forces américaines d'avoir tué huit civils, une femme et sept enfants, dans un bombardement au nord de Kaboul".

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