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29 mai 2014 4 29 /05 /mai /2014 12:40

- Tariq Ramadan transforme les victimes israéliennes au Musée juif en instrument d’un complot, Bernard Schalscha (La Règle du Jeu) - "Tout y est : utilisation d’une rumeur donnée comme quasi-certitudes laissant sous-entendre que les deux victimes de nationalité israélienne ne seraient peut-être pas tant que ça des victimes ; conspirationnisme se concluant classiquement sur la posture victimaire puisque, n’est-ce pas, on cherche à “nous prendre pour des imbéciles”. Et l’auteur de se poser en porte-parole de rebelles qui refusent de se faire manipuler" ; "Sans surprise, parmi les 526 commentaires qui suivent, on assiste à un déluge conspirationniste, souvent accompagné d’une haine antisémite explicite. Et conformément au but recherché, ses admirateurs en viennent à dénoncer la «stigmatisation des musulmans», qui seraient en fait les véritables cibles de l’affaire. A aucun moment Frère Tariq n’intervient pour interrompre le flot de propos ignobles qui se répand sur son propre mur Facebook".


- Funérailles en Israël de deux victimes de l'attentat de Bruxelles (AFP) - "Au Parlement israélien, une commission a fustigé mardi "la montée" de l'antisémitisme en Europe, après l'attaque de Bruxelles, dans laquelle un Belge et une Française ont également été tués".


- New Footage Contradicts DCI-P's Account of Bitunya Casualties (CAMERA) - "The 11 hours of footage that B'Tselem released today shows hours of rock-throwing before Nadim Nawareh and Muhammad Salameh were shot. It also shows that Nawareh was part of a group of youth who continued to throw stones up until one minute before he was shot".
- Extended "Nakba Day" video shows no blood stains from Israeli bullets (Elder of Ziyon) - "We see a youth hopping around on one leg, pretending to be injured, and his buddies calling an ambulance over, only to see him walking around normally by the time they arrive".
- A botched attempt at Pallywood: "The Hopper" (Elder of Ziyon) - "Now that we have established that people faked injuries for the cameras, what else might have been faked?"

"Processus de paix"

- PA TV filler presents cities in Israel as "Palestine" (PA TV, 6 mai, Vidéo 44 secondes)

- Abbas' rep: "Our Martyrs and prisoners will remain the beacon of our magnificent glory" (PMW)
   "At a Fatah ceremony honoring several terrorist murderers, a representative of Palestinian Authority and Fatah Chairman Abbas expressed admiration for the killers of numerous Israeli civilians. He praised suicide bombers and planners of bombings and shooting attacks as "the beacon of our magnificent glory." [WAFA (the official PA news agency), April 14, 2014] Speaking in Abbas' name, District Governor of Hebron Kamel Hamid also hinted at the destruction of Israel, hoping that "the dream of the Martyr and [Fatah] founder Yasser Arafat, [Hamas founder] Ahmed Yassin and all the [other] Martyrs is fulfilled with the establishment of our Palestinian state." Yassin's terror organization Hamas has stated that Israel's destruction is its goal.
    A poster at the event showed pictures of several terrorists, among them: Andalib Takatka (suicide bomber, 6 killed, 80 wounded), Ayyat Al-Akhras (suicide bomber, 2 killed, 28 wounded), Marwan Zalum (responsible for several terror attacks, 9 killed, dozens wounded), Raed Al-Karmi (responsible for several attacks, 9 killed), and Naif Abu Sharakh (involved in several terrorist attacks, incl. double suicide bombing 23 killed, dozens wounded). Fatah official Mahmoud Al-Aloul, reminded the audience of "the Martyrs" who protected "the honor of our children" and "died for the homeland and [for] honor." He stated that Fatah is committed to "maintaining the struggle until we have achieved what they died as Martyrs [to achieve]." [...]"

- PA daily romanticizes suicide bomber's last hours before attack (PMW) - "The official Palestinian Authority daily chose to devote a full op-ed to a long, romanticized description of the last hours in suicide bomber Raed Barghouti's life. The terrorist's bombing in Jerusalem wounded dozens in 2001".

- I still can't believe the Pope called Abbas a "man of peace" (Elder of Ziyon) - "Honestly, the only thing remotely peaceful about Abbas is that he no longer actively encourages direct terror attacks against women and children, even while he still praises those who do. To say that this makes him into a "peacemaker" is not only wrong, but an outrage".

Point de vue

- Between criticism and incitement, Ben-Dror Yemini (Yediot Aharonot) - "blatant lies against Israel are not within the bounds of criticism – they are incitement. When Israel is accused, repeatedly, of committing a genocide against Palestinians – this is not criticism but rather a blood libel".
   "The Brussels attack has once again raised the discussion about the connection between incitement and action. In the past, a committee on behalf of the European Union tried to come up with rules defining the difference between criticism and anti-Semitic incitement. The rules were adopted by different bodies, like the British Labor Party. There are indisputable rules there, like Holocaust denial and attributing plots to Jews. And there are other rules which make the document meaningful.
    For example, when Israel is treated according to a different standard compared to other countries, Western ones, which are experiencing similar conflicts – it's anti-Semitism. Denying the Jews' right to self-determination and comparing the Israeli policy to that of the Nazis are also included in the definition of anti-Semitism. There is no need to mention that the document clarifies that criticism against Israel's policy is not anti-Semitism.
    Yet the distinction between criticism and incitement is often the result of a political view. Some say that boycotting settlement products is an expression of anti-Semitism. That is, of course, sheer nonsense. There is no need to stretch the definition. On the contrary. It should be narrowed down, and there is no need to pull it out even in light of blatant and profound criticism. We have to fight anti-Semitism, we don't have to expand it.
    Nonetheless, there is no need for an EU document to conclude that blatant lies against Israel are not within the bounds of criticism – they are incitement. When Israel is accused, repeatedly, of committing a genocide against Palestinians – this is not criticism but rather a blood libel. When Israel is accused of being Hitler's successor, like an academic from Israel said, or when the IDF becomes Nazi because of the killing of two Palestinians, this is not criticism but rather anti-Semitism. The Kristallnacht riots were not the result of criticism against Jews. They were the result of incitement. [...]
    The "Durban Strategy," named after a United Nations conference in the South African city of Durban, which was supposed to be against racism but turned into a march of hatred and incitement against one country – Israel, has been spreading in the West in general, and in Europe in particular, for more than a decade now. For years now, the real battlefield has been the academia, the media and the Internet. That is where the incitement is taking place. That is where many people are being brainwashed.
    The combination of genocide, Palestinians and Israel yields more results in search engines than the combination of Sudan, Darfur and genocide. The result is obvious. Nearly 50% of the European Union's residents believe that Israel has waged a war of destruction against the Palestinians. They have not been exposed to criticism, they have been exposed to an industry of lies. [...]"

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