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14 mai 2014 3 14 /05 /mai /2014 18:38



- Surprise! Arabs hate Jews more than anyone else does (Elder of Ziyon)
   "The ADL released its statistics on worldwide antisemitism. There is a lot to go through but one fact is clear: Arab nations in the Middle East, hate Jews far more than the rest of the world. Here are the aggregate scores by region of the percent of people with antisemitic attitudes. Not surprisingly, the Middle East has by far the highest concentration of antisemites. In the Arab Middle East, the scores range from a low of 74% of Saudis with antisemitic attitudes up to 93% of Palestinian Arabs, who hate Jews the most in the world.
    Interestingly, the Arab countries considered the most moderate and friendly to Jews had very high scores. Morocco and the supposedly liberal UAE are at 80% and Tunisia, in the news this week for the allowing Jews to go on pilgrimage there, scores 86% antisemitic. The non-Arab countries who hate Jews the most in the world are Turkey and Greece (69%), Malaysia (61%), Armenia (58%) and Iran (56%). The country with the least antisemitism, by far, was ...Laos, with a score of a mere 0.2%. Compare that to the US, with 9%. Interestingly, the ADL didn't survey Israel."

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Published by Occam - dans Mai 2014
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