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9 août 2014 6 09 /08 /août /2014 11:53



- Media pretends to wake up on Gaza coverage...too little, too late (Elder of Ziyon) - "The BBC just published a cautionary article about Gaza, pointing out what bloggers have been saying for weeks" ; "Better late then never? Hardly. After weeks of headlines blaring "indiscriminate bombings" and photos of dead babies, the world has been conditioned to believe Israel is evil and murders children wantonly. Even if there was a month of headlines showing that the original assumptions were wrong, it is too late - people internalize the first thing they read and it is very difficult to dislodge them of their initial beliefs. The world has already been brainwashed by news media that made sweeping, false generalizations and tugged on heartstrings to take IDF actions way, way out of context".

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Published by Occam - dans Août 2014
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