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17 juillet 2013 3 17 /07 /juillet /2013 10:06


- Details on the new EU guidelines for Israel (plus poster) (Elder of Ziyon) - "the symbolism is indeed important, as the EU is clearly defining every inch over the Green Line to be Arab until negotiations make it otherwise".
   "[...] One problematic aspect of this document is that it refers to the 1949 armistice lines as "borders," when they were nothing of the sort.  UNSC 242 and its drafters made it clear that Israel must have "secure and recognized boundaries," as opposed to the situation before 1967. For the EU to explicitly refer to those lines as "borders" cannot be an oversight - it is a deliberate attempt to pre-judge the outcome of negotiations and is a huge gift to the intransigent Mahmoud Abbas. This might not be new, but that doesn't make it right - it only proves that the incorrect wording is deliberate, which should trouble anyone who wants to deal with the EU.
    The idea of treating the anomalous 19 years of Jerusalem's artificial division and illegal occupation by Jordan of part of the city - where the holy sites were Judenrein - as somehow the "status quo" and an ideal to be strived for, while the successive 45 years of Jerusalem's unity is anomalous, is beyond absurd. [...]"



- ElderToon: Abbas has a new chief negotiator (Elder of Ziyon) - "Story here."

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Published by Occam - dans Juillet 2013
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