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9 février 2015 1 09 /02 /février /2015 11:07



- Exclusive: The Photos That Are Causing Palestinian Heads To Explode (Israelly Cool)
   "Figuratively speaking of course. The photos in question are of a Muslim Magavnik (Israeli border policeman) deep in prayer, which of course does not fit in with the bogus claims of apartheid.
    That post is from the news agency of the Balata refugee camp, posted with the comment in Arabic that translates to “I don’t know how to respond.” A  commenter here opines he could be a spy, although it is not clear for whom he supposedly spies (us or them?) And the same photos have been posted on a number of different palestinian Facebook groups.
    Of course, anyone really familiar with Israel will not be surprised by these photos at all. We understand there are Muslims proudly serving in the IDF and border police, as well as there being religious freedom for all. As for the palestinians, I hope photos like this begin the process of de-brainwashing which many so desperately need. Although I remain pessimistic. [...]"



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