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- Des livres complotistes et négationnistes en vente au 33ème rassemblement de l'UOIF (Conspiracy Watch)
"Le rassemblement organisé ces quatre derniers jours au Bourget à l'instigation de l'Union des organisations islamiques de France (UOIF) était destiné à redorer l'image de cette fédération controversée. Peine perdue. En proposant, dans son espace librairies, des ouvrages négationnistes et conspirationnistes, l'UOIF - considérée comme la branche française des Frères musulmans - n'a pas dérogé à ses mauvaises habitudes.
C'est tout un échantillon de la littérature la plus ouvertement négationniste et conspirationniste qui s'est invitée sur les stands du salon du Bourget : le Nuremberg, de Maurice Bardèche ; Le Terrorisme Occidental, de Roger Garaudy (un livre attribuant les attentats du 11-Septembre à une mise en scène israélo-américaine et que son auteur considérait comme son "testament spirituel") ; Comprendre l’Empire, d’Alain Soral ; des livres de Paul-Eric Blanrue, Israël Shamir, Anne Kling, Imran Hosein ou encore Webster Tarpley. C'est ce que révèle, parmi bien d'autres choses, le site Ikhwan.info."

- Dieudonné débouté par un tribunal de Nantes (AFP) - "Pour le tribunal administratif, le spectacle "Le Mur" de Dieudonné comportait des "propos et gestes (...) à caractère antisémite, incitant à la haine raciale et faisant l'apologie des discriminations, persécutions et exterminations perpétrées au cours de la seconde guerre mondiale" et portaient "atteinte à la dignité de la personne humaine"."


Gaza & Hamas

- Israel, Gaza and "Proportionality", Louis René Beres (Emeritus Professor of International Law at Purdue University) - "Although Israel is plainly the victim in these ritualistic cycles of Arab terror and required Israeli retaliations, the "civilized world" usually comes to the defense of the victimizers. Inexplicably, in the European Union, and even sometimes with the current U.S. president, the Israeli response is reflexively, without thought, described as "excessive" or "disproportionate""; "The authoritative rules of war do not equate "proportionality" with how many people die in each side of a conflict. In war, no side is ever required to respond to aggression with only the equivalent measure of force. Rather, the obligations of proportionality require that no side employ any level of force that is greater than what is needed to achieve a legitimate political and operational objective".


"Processus de paix"

- Les Palestiniens commémorent le 68e anniversaire de la « Nakba » (AFP)
"Des centaines de Palestiniens ont défilé mardi à Ramallah, en Cisjordanie, pour la traditionnelle marche commémorant la Nakba (« catastrophe » en arabe) qu’a constitué pour eux la création d’Israël il y a 68 ans. [...]
« Non à l’occupation, nous resterons Palestiniens, nous résisterons et nous reviendrons », a lancé un des organisateurs, Mohammed Aliyane, devant des centaines de personnes réunies dans le centre-ville. La foule brandissait des clés géantes, devenues le symbole de cet anniversaire et rappelant les clés de leurs maisons gardées par les réfugiés qui, pour beaucoup, pensaient revenir chez eux après le conflit israélo-arabe. La famille de Maha Abou Sourour, installée dans le camp de réfugiés d’Aïda à Bethléem, a gardé cette clé. « Nous venons du village de Beit Natif. Je ne l’ai jamais vu, j’en ai seulement entendu parler par mes grand-parents, mais je sens que je dois y retourner », dit à l’AFP cette femme âgée d’une quarantaine d’années.
A Gaza, le Hamas et le Jihad islamique, les deux groupe terroristes ennemis d’Israël, ont appelé à une nouvelle intifada, du nom des vagues de terrorisme de 1987-93 et 2000-2005. [...]"

- Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party celebrates 1972 Lod airport massacre (Elder of Ziyon) - "The official Fatah Facebook page has a tribute to the 1972 Lod Airport Massacre, where three members of the Japanese Red Army recruited by the PFLP-EO attacked Lod airport, killing 26 people and injuring 80 others".

- Today's PLO hypocrisy (Elder of Ziyon)
"From the PLO "Department of Culture and Information" website: "[PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan] Ashrawi commented on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to appoint Avigdor Lieberman as the defense minister: “Such a decision is extremely dangerous—Lieberman, who has called for the beheading of Palestinians and for their transfer outside the state of Israel, is a serious threat to peace and stability, and his appointment will generate a culture of lawlessness, extremism, violence, and hate in Israel”."
In 2011, Ashrawi went on CNN to defend Hamas terrorists joining the Palestinian government. Hypocritical much?
By the way, despite all the hysterics that we are reading today about Lieberman painting him as an ultra-right extremist, he supports a two-state solution. He supports (under the right conditions) Israel dismantling some settlements. For a decade now, Avigdor Lieberman has taken on the mantle of Ariel Sharon before him - a crazed ultra-right nationalist who wants to kill all Palestinians. As with Sharon, the reality is not close to the rhetoric. Yes, Lieberman says some outrageous things, but when he calls to "behead" those Israelis who actively act against the state he is obviously not speaking literally, even though it is in the interests of many to pretend that he is. (He also doesn't call for "transfer." He calls to redraw the borders so Jewish sections outside the Green Line become part of Israel and Arab sections inside become part of a Palestinian state. It will never happen, but redrawing borders is not "transfer.")"



- Egyptian media continues publishing antisemitic conspiracy theories (Elder of Ziyon) - "The book mentions that Jews aren't doing all the heavy work on world domination themselves, they manipulate other groups like the Masons to do their dirty work. Ali Gad then quotes from another crazed Arabic conspiracy theory book called Secret World Government. These bizarre theories are simply normal discourse for a major Arab newspaper".



- Syrie : 21 civils tués dans des attaques du régime dans le centre (AFP) - "Au moins 16 civils, dont six enfants, ont été tués jeudi dans des bombardements aériens du régime syrien sur plusieurs localités du centre du pays" ; "Cinq autres civils, dont trois enfants, ont été tués plus tôt dans la journée dans des raids du régime sur la ville assiégée de Rastane".



- Victory, not 'disaster', Uri Heitner (Israel Hayom) - "When the Palestinians speak about the "Nakba" and present themselves as victims and the Jewish Independence War as "ethnic cleansing," it's important to remember these facts".
"On Aug. 26, 1947, three months before the partition resolution and nine months before the founding of the State of Israel, David Ben-Gurion said in a speech to the Zionist General Council: "We now face not simply acts of robbery and terrorism and attempts to disturb our work, but an attempt to uproot the yishuv and to destroy in one fell swoop the Zionist 'threat' by destroying the Jews of the Land of Israel. And this is within the realm of possibility if we do not recognize the danger in its entirety and do not prepare for it. The stated policy of the Arabs is: Israel as an Arab state where the Jews are nothing more than an eternal minority. They speak about this policy openly ... but the unannounced plan that they are preparing is completely different. It is the plan of the now silent 'leader.' ... He is plotting to put Arab armies into action for this purpose."
He was, of course, referring to Jerusalem Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini. Ben-Gurion quoted Arab Liberation Army commander Fawzi al-Qawuqji, who said in an interview: "The conflict between the Jews and the Arabs is a total conflict. This is not a conflict between the Arabs and the Zionists, rather between the Arabs and the Jews, and the only solution is the complete annihilation of all the Jews, both in Palestine and in Arab countries."
Ben-Gurion said that "what Qawuqji said openly, the leader of the Arabs in Israel [Husseini] says privately." Based on this insight, Ben-Gurion presented the problematic power relationship between the Arab armies -- whose invasion of Israel on the day of its establishment he accurately predicted -- and the Jewish yishuv.
One could attribute Ben-Gurion's statements to simple propaganda aimed at recruiting the public to the struggle. But the opposite is true. His remarks were made before the Zionist General Council specifically because it was a closed forum. Ben-Gurion did not say such things in public, in an effort to keep the nation's spirit intact and to prevent demoralization.
"I will speak about these issues openly. Since this meeting is closed, we can speak clearly here," he said.
Ben-Gurion was right. Indeed, the day after the U.N. General Assembly's vote for partition, the Arabs in Israel attacked the Jewish yishuv in an effort to destroy it and to thwart the establishment of the state. And when their efforts failed and the establishment of the state was announced, all the Arab armies attacked that day, trying to drown the Jewish population in blood, only three years after the Holocaust. The Kfar Etzion massacre is testament to the fate that was expected for all Jews captured by the Arabs, and for the entire yishuv, if the Arabs had won.
When the Palestinians speak about the "Nakba" and present themselves as victims and the Jewish Independence War as "ethnic cleansing," it's important to remember these facts. There is no doubt that they experienced a disaster. Losing a war is a disaster. When it is an all-out war, the disaster of losing is experienced in kind. But they are 100 percent responsible for their disaster, and they have only themselves to blame, just as the Germans cannot go and complain to the countries that defeated them in World War II. [...]
May 15, 1948, the day that is increasingly becoming known as "Nakba Day," is one of the greatest days in the history of humanity -- the day that the greatest injustice in history was ended; the day of the great victory of justice. It is not a day of disaster. It is not a day of injustice. And there is no room for the feelings of guilt that some among us seek to cultivate."

- Almost a million people lost everything when Israel declared independence (Vidéo 48 secondes) - "The compelling story of how almost a million people lost everything when Israel declared independence".


Point de vue

- Foregn journalist distaste for Israel is all the vogue, Dr. Alex Grobman (MA and Ph.D. in contemporary Jewish history from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem)
"There was a period in the Middle East, when American journalists and editorial writers favored Israel over the Arab states because Israel is an open society. Once reassessing Israel’s policies became in vogue, many editors and correspondents adopted a “neutral” and an “even handed” approach in their reporting. Israel no longer enjoyed “the benefit of the doubt.”
Those with “little or no ideological bent” relished in debunking “myths” about the Jewish state. In their quest for a new slant on the conflict, they found one. “Arabs biting Jews had long ceased to be news; but Jews biting Arabs—that was a story.” [1] A number of years later The New York Times News Editor William Borders explained: “The whole point is that torture by Israel, a democratic ally of the United States, which gets huge support from this country, is news. Torture by Palestinians seems less surprising. Surely you don't consider the two authorities morally equivalent.” [2]
Joyce Karam, the Washington bureau chief of Al-Hayat, one of the major daily pan-Arab newspapers, observed that there were no protests in Pakistan against the slaughter of 700 people in Syria on week-end, although there were anti-Israel protests in Pakistan against the Gaza war of 2014. “Syria is essentially Gaza x320 death toll, x30 number of refugees….” she said. When asked why this double standard, she answered, “Only reason I can think of is Muslim killing Muslim or Arab killing Arab seems more acceptable than Israel killing Arabs.” [3]
This change in attitude lead to Israel to being accused of “intransigence” for not giving up Judea and Samaria in the name of peace. [...] This anti-Zionist mentality that has “taken root” in the West is based on the false and unproven assumption that Israelis and Palestinian Arabs are dissimilar people. Israelis “have agency, responsibility and choice, Palestinian [Arabs] do not.” The Palestinian Arabs are viewed as children and are rarely, if ever, held accountable for behaving immorally. [5]
New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis openly acknowledged that Israel is being held to a higher standard, “Yes, there is a double standard. From its birth Israel asked to be judged as a light among the nations.” [6] This means that Israel is universally expected to conduct herself “differently (and better)” than her Arab neighbors.
Ze’ev Chafets a former director of the Israel Government Press Office (GPO) during the administration of Prime Minister Menachem Begin, observes, and the Jewish state “is subjected to more exacting standards than those applied to other democracies at war.” How can Israel, a country under siege, be judged by the same criteria as America at peace? [7]
The implicit justification for this double standard is that Palestinian Arabs are a “driven people, dominated by circumstances and moved by emotions; qualities associated with the world of nature. Israelis are the opposite; masters of all circumstances, rational and calculating; qualities associated with the world of culture.” [8]
Arabs have been also been portrayed as vulnerable and innocent victims who are not responsible for their plight while being abused by manipulative, callous Israelis who expropriate their land. [9] Aside from absolving them from any barbaric behavior, this “pathology of paternalism,” does not address the Arabs viability as legitimate peace partners. Instead, the focus is diverted to the moral nature of the Jewish state. [10] [...]"

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