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15 décembre 2015 2 15 /12 /décembre /2015 10:47
Image du 15 décembre

- "Jews always split Muslim societies" (Elder of Ziyon) - "illustration to symbolize Jews tearing Muslim and Christian Arabs apart".
"From Egypt's Misr5:
"Jews are always working with the rule of divide and conquer, that is, they create differences between people in one country and in different countries around them so that they are the masters. Jews have walked this path a long time ago, even before the advent of Islam. In Yathrib "Medina" (communities of Jews were supplying both sides of a war with money and weapons to perpetuate the war between them, and so the war lasted nearly 120 years. This is the dirty role played by Jews in general...
Even now Jews are behind the strife in Syria, and in Yemen, as well as in Iraq, in Libya. In Egypt it is no secret that they control the money and the media, and this way they caused many cracks in Egyptian society... Allah says, "Hold on to Allah and be not divided among yourselves ..."
The cartoon was not drawn for this article but it was used as the illustration to symbolize Jews tearing Muslim and Christian Arabs apart."

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