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- Another story of racist, apartheid Israel (Elder of Ziyon)
   "Over a week ago there was a story in the major media about how Israel was giving medical treatment to Syrians injured in the uprising. What few seemed to notice, however, was this: "Hospital director Masad Barhoum, one of a team of doctors that treated the Syrians, said medical staff did their best to save the life of the man who died, but he had suffered a bullet wound through the head that caused massive bleeding."
    Masad Barhoum? That doesn't sound Jewish, does it? In fact, Barhoum made news back in 2007 by being the first Arab appointed to run a government hospital in Israel with impressive accomplishments. As the BBC reported in 2008:
   "He describes himself as "Israeli, Arab, Christian." Dr Barhoum says that, nonetheless, he is constantly challenged. "Every week, someone is saying: you're treating Arabs not Jews, and that's because you're an Arab." But he says that these accusations are less to do with racism, and more to do with the fact that there are always people who will want to test a hospital director. "Yes I am in a minority here. But if I were to wake up each day and look in the mirror and say, 'they're screwing you because you're an Arab', then sure, I'll be screwed and I'll get screwed"."
    Unfortunately, there is an entire industry of organizations and media outlets that subscribe to the idea that Arabs are forever victims and should be treated like helpless children who need the aid of white "progressives", instead of the fact that Israeli Arabs are citizens just like anyone else. While they may have to face some discrimination - like any minority in the world - they can overcome it and gain the respect of all.
    Well, almost all. Those same "progressives" aren't quite as happy that an Arab hospital director demolishes their characterization of Israel as an "apartheid state" and even scorns their point of view. They seethe at the idea that he identifies as an Israeli first. They can' stand that his existence shows that everything they say and believe about Arab citizens of Israel is wrong. They are the only ones who truly hate people like Dr. Masad Barhoum."

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Published by Occam - dans Avril 2013
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